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Point of Sale <strong>Survey</strong>

Point of Sale Survey

Collect customer feedback and data. Use our e-scratch card to instantly incentivize consumers.Try it

Customer Satisfaction <strong>Survey</strong>

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Multiple language choices & send variable emails with coupon.Try it

Event <strong>Data Collection</strong>

Event Data Collection

Collect attendee data, interests, and intent. Add quiz questions, and even offer an incentive!Try it

Personality <strong>Assessment</strong>

Personality Assessment

Variable conclusions based on the specific respondent input.Try it

Professional <strong>Quiz</strong>

Professional Quiz

Select a limited number of questions from a pool of questions. Show a variable end message with gauge graphic based on score.Try it

Training <strong>Campaign</strong>

Training Campaign

One unique URL serves as multiple quizzes and surveys over time. Track respondents’ progress & keep scores per individual.Try it

Collect valuable data and increase brand perception

3 Ways for a better respondent experience
3 Ways

for a better respondent experience


Surveys people like to take

Do you take boring surveys? Then don’t ask others to. Create fun-to-take surveys by adding game-like elements that truly engage people.


Use the newest tech

Gather in-the-moment responses that users can easily add photos, location data and more to – with mere swipes.


Strike up a conversation

Don’t just one-and-done. Invite future feedback, create incentives and other reasons to re-engage via e-mail and social media.

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