Entertaining Surveys,
Serious Results

With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for boring surveys. We offer ingenious ways to engage people and get you better insights.

Collect valuable data and increase brand perception

Three ways for a better respondent experience


Surveys people like to take

Do you take boring surveys? Then don’t ask others to. Create fun-to-take surveys by adding game-like elements that truly engage people.


Use the newest tech

Gather in-the-moment responses that users can easily add photos, location data and more to – with mere swipes.


Strike up a conversation

Don’t just one-and-done. Invite future feedback, create incentives and other reason to re-engage … via e-mail and social media.

by companies
of all sizes

Get Feedback Other Surveys Can’t

Use a mobile survey to learn how people feel while using your product or service

“With Survey Anyplace, we’ve gotten insights that are impossible to get with online surveys or other methods.”Eline Van Muilwijk, Marketing Manager Frisia

“I never had the feeling of being surveyed. It was more like playing a game.”Patrick Meddens, Survey Respondent

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