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Energy Efficiency Assessment

Calculate custom values to provide a personalized final screen along with a downloadable PDF report.Try it

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Lead-generation Quiz

Discover what your leads need and use that information for subsequent targeting.Try it

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Management Self-Assessment

Measure your employees' capabilities and provide feedback on how to improve.Try it

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Online Presence Maturity Assessment

Find out the maturity level of your prospects and provide them with targeted recommendations.Try it

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Create happier customers by sending a personalized email with a coupon after they've taken your survey.Try it

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Training Campaign

Track multiple quizzes and surveys over time, and view individual respondents' progress and scores.Try it

Surveys that return value through personalization

3 Steps to create value for your respondents
3 Steps

to create value for your respondents


Ask relevant questions only, and ask them in a way that your respondents already learn something while answering.


Combine their answers with your expertise to derive a useful result for your respondents: a score, category, maturity level, personality type,...


Use the questionnaire result to return personalized advice to your respondents, through e-mail or via an auto-generated PDF report.

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