15 Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Survey Completion Rate

The trouble is that most survey makers believe that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true in their case.

Today’s marketers are always on the lookout for new ways to gather data and find leads – and for many, surveys top the list. But creating one is only the start of their troubles.

The biggest challenge is to get prospective and existing customers to fill it out. And with an email survey, it’s even harder to get them to open the survey and complete it.

The average survey response time rate for an email is 30%. However, people receive many spam emails that make it challenging to get the recipient to open an email – getting it filled accurately is an entirely another thing.

In order to improve your survey response time rate, it is imperative to focus on the kind of subject lines you draft, as that is what makes them open or ignore an email.

Additionally, writing conversational emails is vital as the next thing they interact with your email content should be engaging and appealing to the intended audience.

If you are confused about how to go about your email subject lines to augment the survey completion rates, fret not. We have prepared a thorough post to help you out with it all.

Top tips to Increase Your Survey Completion Rate

Now that you know the importance of survey response rates and understand the fact that it can’t be overlooked, it is time to craft your email subject lines. When executed strategically, it piques the reader’s interest, makes them open your emails, and ultimately increases your survey response rate.

Here are some of the best email subject line examples of the top 6 email categories that can help you design yours.

Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Personalized emails are an effective way to improve open rates, engage the reader, and make them feel involved in the discussion or topic. Email subject lines that are personalized boost email open rates by 50%, which makes customization vital to increase your CTR rates.

Thanks for riding, Randi! Was it good?


Source: Really Good Emails

A personalized email, coupled with the client’s specific information, can help you make a good impression on the reader and encourage them to give feedback about their experience with a product or service. In this Uber example, they have used the subscriber’s details and other information about their ride with the Uber driver. Uber’s automated emails asking for client feedback are great and are one of the simplest and impactful practices to incorporate a personalized approach in your email campaigns, increasing survey completion rates.

Hi Smiles Davis, how are you liking Body+?

Nokia survey

Source: Really Good Emails

Personalized email subject lines for a survey typically include the subscriber’s name and sometimes also the word “you.”

The following example of Nokia is an excellent way to incorporate personalization, especially for survey emails. They used the subscriber’s name, which makes them feel singled out – but in a good way. The brand is asking for opinions and experience, increasing the chances of getting a response. 

How Did The Size Fit?

Amazon size fit

Again, this subject line example is tailored to the reader and brings an exclusive message. The subscriber details such as name, job title, etc., entice them to open the email and pay attention.

Although Amazon used a simple way to tailor their email subject line that asks the customer about their recent purchase experience, the idea is appealing to the readers as it makes them feel valued. The assonant subject line engages the contacts and attempts to pull at their heartstrings to increase the open rate and fill in the survey.

Questions are useful when crafting personalized survey emails for recent and past purchases. Amazon did precisely the same to engage its subscribers and asked for their feedback.

Sense Of Urgency With Deadlines

Email subject lines that create a sense of urgency or scarcity work well, given you provide a deadline. These tactics compel the reader to open your message by implying that there may be a negative consequence if they don’t read through or follow the email.

It’s an excellent way to convey the message, and it increases the open rate significantly as the subject lines pique the reader’s interest in what they are missing out on.

We Need Your Help

the muse survey

Source: Email Design

The Muse, a job and career site, sent an email titled, “We Need Your Help”. It pretty much indicates to the recipient that their help is needed for something serious and urgent. The email subject line emphasizes the action to take, what it will do, and how long it will take, adding urgency to the word “now.” Plus, The Muse has added a strong CTA that is specific, engaging, and approachable.

The reader has to open the email and get the link to the offer provided in it. Such subject lines prompt fear of missing out (FOMO) as it demonstrates that the subscriber will miss out on something, so it entices the recipient, and they’re most likely going to open it.

Last 7 Days For The Biggest Review!

mail subject

Source: ProProfs

The above example is another good way of using the urgency aspect of emails. They used the subject line, “Last 7 Days For The Biggest Review!” 

The subject line urges immediate action and ultimately compels the reader to know more about what’s in the email – all in a conversational tone. The rest of the email is detailed and focused that the recipient will find out once they read through the email.

Incentivize Your Email Subscribers

An appealing incentive-based email subject line works best when combined with personalization elements and a sense of urgency. Employing these tactics like subscribers’ names, segmenting the list of contacts, and sending time optimized email subject lines can significantly improve the open rates.

Traveler’s Delight! Fill in The Survey To Find Your Gift!

tropical travelers

The Tropical Travelers takes on an incentive-based approach in its email subject line, “Destination Weddings…Want Rock star Treatment?”. They have offered a gift to the subscribers, which is an incentive to complete the survey, which also adds an urgency element in the above example. It persuades the readers to fill the survey and get their gift as soon as possible.

Fill Out Our Content Survey + Win A Free Ticket

Source: Really Good Emails

Flywheel quite strategically capitalizes its email subject line with the word “FREE.” Subject lines with this word in it automatically motivate the subscribers to click through it and read. 
The upfront call to action helps increase the offer’s prominence, which results in a favorable incentive email.

Last Chance For Our Lowest Logo Price Of The Year

Source: Really Good Emails

Tailor Brands email has a vibrant all to action with an unbeatable incentive in their emails. 

After the subject line, CTA is the most vital element for your incentive email. 

The most common CTA examples include “shop now.” Tailor Brands uses a shocking pink call to action button to call out their reason: “Let’s Begin” a 50% discount follows that if the subscriber completes the survey, they’ll be awarded the discount on their next purchase.

Subject Lines Packed With An Emotional Punch

One of the impactful ways to engage and interact with email subscribers is to resonate with them on an emotional level – easier said than done. Emotional resonance, positive or negative, is a powerful tactic to provoke, evoke, connect with your audience, and provide you with desirable results. 

How Has The Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted Your Home Improvement Plans?

Source: Sumo

Houzz’s email subject line goes straight to your heart.

This email asks the subscribers to share how COVID-19 impacted their home improvement plans. This conveys to the readers that a brand cares for them, and they feel valued as someone wants to know about their problems.

Netflix Values Your Opinion

Source: Really Good Emails

Consumers often base their decisions on emotional triggers and rationalize their choices with a story. The Netflix email subject line taps into the recipient’s emotion. It triggers the feelings that encourage them to share their experience by filling the survey as the subscriber’s opinion matters to them.

We Value Your Feedback

Source: Active Trail

The simple yet powerful subject line by Lyft, “We value your feedback,” compels you to share your experience (good or bad) and create a bond with the brand as the email shows that they genuinely want to hear of the subscriber’s honest feedback.  

Because they appeal to how human brains are wired, subject lines packed with an emotional punch elicit positive memories and responses.

Benefit-Focused Subject Lines

Benefit-driven email subject lines center on the advantages a reader gets by using your product or service and how they can overcome a problem. So, make sure you mention the benefits they’ll gain by using your particular resource.

Help Us. Help You

Source: Mail Bakery

This example of a benefit-focused subject line by Diamond Candles shows recipients how their service, product, or resources can help solve problems because people are interested in making their lives better. 

It focuses on how their product’s virtues will help the reader sort and focuses on mutual benefits. This survey email subject line reminds the customers that it will improve their experience if they fill out the survey.

Take 2 Minutes To Share Your Thoughts, Save $10 On Your Next $50+ Order

King Arthur Flour crafted their email subject line “Take 2 Minutes To Share Your Thoughts, Save $10 On Your Next $50+ Order” that directly mentions the benefit recipients will get when they share their thoughts. It indicates that they’ll take advantage if they’ll take action and only open the email. 

This subject line is concise, includes a reward, and reiterates the company’s offerings.

We Would Love To Learn About Our Users So That We Can Improve Dropbox

Source: Essence of Email

Dropbox includes a benefit in their subject line that urges their recipients to open the email. The brand has used the right choice of words, which is the key to benefit-oriented subject lines.

For some services, it is preferable to use a professional tone and deliver the message to remind the customers of the benefits, as the above example. It says that feedback will help Dropbox improve its services, so customers are likely to open and complete the survey form to highlight their concerns and offer new ideas.

Best Practices to Craft Great Email Subject Lines

Crafting a clickable and intriguing email subject line takes quite an effort. That’s where a subject line tester and suitable email templates come in handy – it lets you evaluate your subject lines and helps you make it more expressive and enticing.

But along with that, it is imperative to understand your audience and revolve the subject line matter around the same topics. 

While there are many ways to craft an appealing email subject line, here are some of the best practices that can effectively help you turn prospects into loyal customers.

Be Clear And Concise With Your Promises

An effective way to craft a unique email subject line is to be clear and concise about the purpose of your email. It is crucial to make sure the readers can easily comprehend what they’ll get out of an email. 

For instance, if you inform them about a special offer, an event, or a new product launch – the subject lines will vary in each case. Leave no doubts that can doubt the reader to decide on whether to open the email or not. Also, make sure your grammar is perfect, so readers can easily get the message.

Don’t Mislead Or Over claim

If your email subject lines claim false benefits or promises about your product or service, it will just turn your subscribers away. It may increase your open rate, but they’ll be highly disappointed to find out that the email doesn’t contain what it communicated in the subject line.

Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the email subject line communicates what it aims to deliver and what it can provide the reader with as the puffery may result in unfavorable responses.

Segment Your Audience 

Naturally, you don’t send the same email to all your customers and prospects. It is prudent to cluster your customers and tailor the email subject line to specific groups. That way, you directly speak and connect with your audience.

Furthermore, segmentation, coupled with personalization, allows you to craft the subject lines that demonstrate high relevance and resonance. Targeted emails help you interact with the respective customers most effectively.

Wrapping Up

The prime goal of email subject lines is to drive conversions by ensuring your emails get opened, especially if that’s a follow-up email

If you want to take your subject lines to the next level, make sure you understand your audience and resonate with them. You can try the examples mentioned above to develop compelling subject lines that can significantly improve your open and completion rates. 

Author Bio: 

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