20 awesome creative event entertainment ideas

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Over the years, we’ve been inspired by our clients’ take on creative event entertainment as well.
That’s why we’ve compiled our top list with 20 creative, new and sometimes wacky event ideas to set the mood at your next event!

A challenging quiz, forms or an interactive voting session can turn a booth at your event into something fun. By using widgets to incentivize in a game-like way (like a digital scratch card or slot machine, which are perfect for it!) or by spicing up questions with gifs and videos, you can really boost response rates!

Free PDF Checklist: Download this 7-step checklist on how to create a fun AND engaging survey to collect data at your next event!

But there’s more…

Perfect inspiration for your next corporate event

  1. Say cheese at the photo booth
    It might be the obvious first choice, as photo booths are all the rage nowadays. But that’s because they work. Get creative with them by branding the prints, adding props or backdrops. Highly shareable and great for colleague bonding. Get some good information here. Go practice that selfie-face.photobooth
  2. Cheers! Cocktail making and flaring
    Nothing will set the mood for your corporate event like a good drink and someone making it with flair! Great conversation starter too. Hey, and why not challenge your guests in flaring their drinks themselves? (Maybe only at the beginning of the evening… )
  3. Excuse me, waiter! … There’s a waiter in my soup
    Leave the creative event entertainment to another person entirely. A comedy waiter will blend in nicely with the rest of the catering team until people start to notice how clumsy he actually is. Order yourself a night filled with laughter!
  4. Level up with a rooftop location
    Venues come in all shapes and sizes and this is only one of the many possibilities.
    When attending a lot of events, the great halls or an auditorium may seem so closed off. Lift the spirits up, bring your guests among the stars.
  5. A casino table, no blind bet!
    Let your guests try their hand at a selection of the classic casino games. Poker faces are required, a red carpet is optional. It’ll help your attendants get together in smaller groups and give them an unforgettable experience. True event entertainment!
  6. Set the mood with some high notes
    Not for every event, we know, but we couldn’t leave it out either. Once you’re done bickering with yourself whether or not you should do that one song you actually know pretty well and could possibly pull off, I don’t know, I just might… It will be great fun and is definitely something to talk about for weeks to come!
  7. A splash of color will make your event a work of art
    A speed painter is not someone you get to replace your photographer. It’s a performer that can engage your crowd with his own form of entertainment. Make the painting about your brand or let it deliver a message.
  8. Release your inner Picasso picasso
    Perfect for team-building and smaller groups of guests. Switch up the creativity and let others do the painting. Work around the subject of your event, find out how people are experiencing the evening or your brand.
  9. Augmented reality at your event? Surreal!
    We already discussed the photo booth as a fun extra for your guests. But things can always be taken one step further. With modern technology, it’s possible to create whole scenes of augmented reality around a person while taking a picture. Make pictures come to life, it’ll be the life of the party
  10. Chardonnay? Bordeaux? Maybe a little bit of both?
    A wine tasting game is great to start off any event or to have a relaxing break. Swirling, sniffing and slurping in unison? I’m getting thirsty already.
  11. Let a motivational speaker take the stage
    A motivational speaker, on whatever topic is suited for your event, can give the day a great twist. Often talking from their own field of expertise, it can inspire your guests and give them another point of view.
  12. Meals on wheels!
    Food trucks are becoming immensely popular. And there’s no reason to just stick to a hamburger or hot dog. All types of fancy foods can be brought to your event with a food truck. Foodies will love you for this!
  13. Yummy entertainment
    When hiring a caterer, why not incorporate this into the event entertainment and opt for a show cooking package? You find it in all types of foods and for all kinds of budgets. Combining essentials with fun, entertaining extras, bon appetit!
  14. Maybe another type of eating? Like … Fire?
    Yup, still works! If you want to go for a more glamorous evening (or should we say fiery?) the classic forms of true entertainment like dancers, acrobats and fire eaters is a great option.
  15. Release your audience’s inner child, play a game
    Current gaming consoles like Xbox and Wii have such a wide range of fun, educational and entertaining games to strengthen a group bond. They may not be directly relatable to the subject of your event, but hey, don’t we all just like a bit of fun every now and then?
  16. Hole-in-one with a golf simulator Grand slam
    Because, why not? Impress colleagues with your backswing, score a birdie and aim for a Grand Slam with your upcoming event.
  17. When is the last time you laughed so hard you snorted your Martini out your nose?
    Instead of hiring a standard comedian, turn it into an interactive improvisation experience. Engage the audience with challenges that the actors play out. It’ll be a night to remember.
  18. Your event as an urban canvas
    Anything urban is incredibly hip. Just like the food trucks, the music also the art is something you can bring into your event. A painter to brighten up your event came up before. Provide one wall or big canvas and let a graffiti artist perfectly capture the atmosphere of your event. (Super cool if they work with light paint too!)
  19. Shadowy sophistication
    A quieter and softer form of entertainment can be the shadow art. Let figures and images dance to the music you play, let them tell the story of your brand or your event. A performance that will move your audience for sure!
  20. 3D printed goodies
    Everyone likes a gift to take home after a great event. Something that allows you to be completely creative with our event, your subject or your brand is to have little items 3D printed for your guests during the event. Really, the sky’s the limit here.

We know, surveys and quizzes don’t sound half as crazy as many of the items listed above, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be.
Don’t let the classic format of a quiz limit your creativity, start creating an entertaining and interactive quiz, voting or survey for free.


When you do use this list, make sure to invite us to the party, OK?

Have fun!



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March 14, 2017

Nice article! We always like when a photo booth is included!


Zach Waldman

June 14, 2017

Hi Sofie! I loved this article, especially the augmented reality idea. You mentioned that a photo booth is obvious, but people love them. This is so true! However, I think the bigger point is that sometimes you don’t have to have a creative idea, you just need to have the highest quality of whatever form of entertainment you choose.

For example, hiring a comedian may not be original, but if you hire a great comedian, he or she will have people gasping for air and turning red from laughter.

How do you all but guarantee that whatever entertainment you use is high quality? The truth is, you get what you pay for. I find it shocking that people will spend $100 and more per person for food and drinks, and then only want to spend $20 on a per person basis for entertainment. It’s like serving McDonald’s fries with filet mignon.

Lastly, if I may be so bold, don’t forget if you’re looking for corporate entertainment ideas to consider a magician who can provide both close-up as well as stage magic. Most magicians incorporate comedy as well, so it’s like getting two performers in one, like this – http://zachwaldman.com/corporate-entertainment/

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