Save Respondent

Save contact data from a first survey and use it to build your contact list in the software. Perfect to automatically send follow up quizzes or surveys later on. (Also called: listbuilding, contact list)

Respondent Management

Upload your list of respondents and track their individual progress in your Campaign. (Also called: User management, contacts)

Single URL

Generate a single, unique URL for respondents to access their respondent portal. Via the portal, they can access multiple surveys and quizzes and see which ones they’ve already done. (Also called: Personal or unique link)

Respondent Portal

Create a branded welcome screen for your respondents. Give them controlled and scheduled access to all your surveys & quizzes and allow them to refresh their overview with a built-in refresh button. (Also called: Campaign menu)

Campaign Management

Organize an entire campaign for respondents to take scheduled surveys and quizzes over time. Make new questionnaires available at your convenience and have them filled out in the order you defined. (Also called: Monitor campaign)

White Labeling

Replace the Survey Anyplace reference in the survey URL with your own. The branding of the entire Survey Anyplace editor is adaptable on request. (Also called: Company branding)

Google Analytics

Track your respondents with Google Analytics. (Also called: Integration with Google Analytics)

Survey Grouping

If you are running multiple surveys, this feature allows you to organize surveys and quizzes into groups. (Also called: group surveys, survey category or sort surveys)

Team Management

One or more Enterprise Administrators can manage other users in the same Survey Anyplace account: Add or remove colleagues, manage permissions for their surveys, … (Also called: Multiple users, multi-user or teamwork)

Multiple Administrators

Work with colleagues via Multiple administrator user accounts to create surveys and view results. Allow your team to view surveys and results from other users within the same organization based on permissions.