3 Billion Opportunities to Engage and Learn Like Never Before

 We view today’s 3 billion mobile devices as 3 billion unique and powerful opportunities. These devices make it nearly effortless for their owners to offer feedback as they’re experiencing a product, service or event. We saw this phenomenon in the beta iteration of Survey Anyplace we built in 2011: a tablet-based quiz tool that quickly earned a worldwide user base of companies, universities and governments of every size.

Today, 66% of those asked said they would be willing to give their feedback. And 55% are even willing to provide content to a brand! We created Survey Anyplace to make it easy to leverage these 3 billion devices and their owners’ willingness to interact with you. The result? A never-before-imaged pipeline of insights available in real-time to organizations savvy enough to harness it.

We believe

People would rather take part in a conversation than in a survey

Mobile delivers deeper, previously inaccessible insights

The real time ability to collect in-the-moment feedback is a competitive advantage

The team

Stefan Debois

Founder & CEO
With 15 years in Enterprise Software with IBM and CSC, Stefan’s experiences are foundational to Survey Anyplace. Besides kitesurfing, he is passionate about the potential of new technologies to create meaningful connections between people and companies.

Ignatius Van Zyl

Product Manager
With a knack for connecting dots and uncovering trends, Ignatius finds unique opportunities for retailers to reach their consumers in new ways that motivate and inspire them to act. He balances his retail brain with his enterprise software brain, making sure that strategy, executional excellence and creativity are part of every Survey Anyplace project.

Mark Penson

Co-founder, Customer Success Leader
Mark’s proven International Business Management reputation with US-based Enterprise Software companies prepared him well to guide overall business development efforts for Survey Anyplace. When not expanding the reach of Survey Anyplace, Mark continues to expand his love for music and fine arts, between physical workouts.

Emery Walraet

Development Team Lead
Besides fighting boring surveys with awesome code, Emery enjoys tasty dinners, good music and a fancy cup of tea.

Gunter Van Herrewegen

Web Developer
Gunter is a fun fellow that can't resist a nice cold beer. He's responsible for making the surveys work on just about any device or browser.
Bugs & errors flee from his presence and Internet Explorer fears him. If any problem would arise, he's the guy that'll fix it. When he's not drinking beer with a friend, you'll find him chilling behind his pc.

Siu Soan

Front-end Developer
Combining the forces of design and code, Siu aims to create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for the clients of Survey Anyplace. Besides her interests in web technology, she is also fascinated by video games, board games and cats.

Gianni D'Hooge

Full Stack Developer
By his passion for the web Gianni is able to build the best possible software for Survey Anyplace. He also loves being part of a good team to make sure we deliver the very best we can. In his spare time you can find Gianni on his bike or in a concert hall.

Vincent Bernal Cepero

Customer Success Officer
As a Customer Success Officer, there's not a single day that goes by without interacting with people and learning from it. His passion is and will always be helping people and going to the gym to hit that new personal record. He will always spot new opportunities to grow (except his calves, they will never grow). Always up for a pizza-night while watching Netflix.

Nigel Lindemann

Digital Marketer
Nigel is responsible for all things marketing & communication-related. He has a soft spot for original marketing campaigns as well as great food. On weekends, he likes to ride his bike for hours on end for no specific reason.

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