Assessment Center

An online assessment center offers you a central repository where you can build any type of assessment, training, or test. The main advantages of an assessment center are:

Build, sell and manage (Assessment Center)

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How does an assessment center work?

An online assessment center is a central repository where any company or agency – consulting, HR, or other – can manage their online assessments as well as control who has access to them. Giving access can be done via an email invite or alternatively be put behind a paywall or e-commerce platform. The first situation is ideal when the assessment center is used as an in-house solution for HR or training purposes, the latter is more suitable for consulting companies who want to monetize their knowledge and expertise.

The assessment center has 6 modules in total:

1. Dashboards

2. Plan Management

3. Customer Management

4. Assessment Management

5. Respondent Management

6. Campaigns

Assessment Center user roles

Access to these modules will vary based on the user role. There are three user roles available:

Assessment Center User Roles

Super Administrator View

Assessment center super admin view
Assessment Center Dashboards

The super admin has access to all data and can download it at any given time. In the dashboard section, the super admin can create charts to create an overview of how the assessment center is being used. Dashboards can be built for the entire assessment center or per client or company. These dashboards can be shared with clients as well.

Plans Management
plans management

In the plan management, the super administrator can create their plans with predefined content, e.g.: one or more assessments, the number of available licenses (this is how often each assessment can be taken), how long the assessments remain accessible. Or alternatively, subscriptions can be made manually for each client or department and the can be changed along the way with additional invites, assessments, or deactivate subscriptions.

Customer Management
Assessment Center Customer Management

In the module, the super admin can manage their customers. Some customers can come in directly via an e-commerce site or they can be added manually – to onboard people via invoice. That’s where the customer management module comes in. The super administrator can assign one or more plans to each customer.

Assessment Management

There’s no limit to the number of assessments a super admin can build and add to the Assessment Center. Apart from adding assessments, the super admin can also activate and deactivate assessments. Should the super admin deactivate an assessment, the assessment will no longer be available for invitations on the admin level nor will respondents be able to fill it in anymore.

Administrator View

Assessment Center Admin view
Respondent Management
Respondent Management

This is where admins can manage respondents: they can add new respondents based on active license limits, add them to teams or departments, enable or disable access to assessment on an individual or team level, and set the level of access each respondent has. E.g: Team managers can be given access to view the results of their team.


This is where admins can send out invites to take an assessment(s) via email. An email will be sent to the selected respondents with a personalized link to take the assessment. Each respondent is assigned an access code. When a respondent doesn’t receive an email, they will have no access, but a new access code can be generated. It won’t count as a new invite or response.

Respondent View

The respondent or end-user is the one taking the assessment(s) made available to them.

Why use Survey Anyplace as your
assessment center?

survey branding
Add Your Own Branding

As a super admin, you can add you own brand colors, fonts, logos, and remove any reference to Survey Anyplace. Admins, in turn, can update their assessment center environment from the super admin’s brand to their brand.

Powerful Assessment Features

An assessment center is only as strong as its assessments. Within Survey Anyplace, we have a large set of assessment features available to create personalized and powerful assessments. Whether it’s to train your employees or to assess clients for your consulting business, we have the tool for your needs.

API & Integration Capabilities

The Stripe integration allow you to add a straightforward and simple payment system to your Assessment Center. With Zapier or webhooks you can build an integration with all your favorite HR or CRM tools

communication style quiz key features
Multiple Levels of Access

With Survey Anyplace’s assessment center you can decide who has access to each assessment as well as access to individual or aggregated team data.

How to monetize assessments in your assessment center

As a consultant or consulting agency your main goal is to provide valuable advice to customers while maximizing the use of your time. Often,  that means hiring additional consultants if you want to scale your consultant business. But what if there was a way to monetize the advice you provide? 

With the assessment center you have the ability to charge clients to gain access to your assessments and gain personalized, high value feedback in return.

The purchase process can be fully automated via Stripe, but it can also be done manually for bigger corporates who prefer to come in via invoice.

An email with the assessment center login details will be sent to the key contact automatically once the payment process is complete.

atlas point AC embedded on site

Example of assessment center integrated into a website. E-commerce integration on the website to Atlas Point.

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