Assessment Software

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assessment software

Assessment Software

  • No app install required
  • Set up your assessment with just a few clicks
  • What’s more, you can try it out for free!
assessment software
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6 Tips to Conduct a Succesful Skills Assessment

  1. Focus on job-specific skills: Rather than testing generic skills that every employee should know, try to focus on job-specific skills assessments that are based on work responsibilities and everyday tasks. Essentially, you want to concentrate on skills that actually matter and directly relate to their on-the-job performance.
  2. Offer your employees testing resources: Instead of asking your employees to complete a skills assessment without prior notice, give them the opportunity to brush up on their skill sets by providing online testing resources in the workplace. An example of this would be a tutorial that centers on a task or simulations that feature characters and challenges that they must overcome.
  3. Self-assessments can be a valuable tool: Create a series of self-assessments that your corporate learners can use to test their own skills as they progress through their online training.
  1. Test both technical and soft skills: It’s vital to test both technical and soft skills when you are conducting skills assessments. This is due to the fact that both types are required in the workplace.
  2. Find the ideal testing method: After you’ve identified which skills need to be assessed, you must determine how you can effectively assess those core skills. While some skills can be assessed through written exams, others may require a more creative approach. Online scenarios and serious games can be used to test skills that may not have a valid grading rubric.
  3. Personalize each skills assessment: Skills assessments should not have a “one size fits all” approach. In fact, every employee should be given a personalized interactive assessment based on their needs, preferences, and position within the company.

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