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Discover the only assessment software that can generate a report immediately upon completion of the assessment.

ReportR Energy Efficiency

Turn your expertise into an assessment that delivers personalized advice at scale

Build assessments for multiple purposes

This is not a single-purpose assessment tool. With ReportR you can build lead generation assessments, maturity assessments, personality assessments, 360 assessments, competency quizzes, self-assessments, or quote calculators and many, many more.

"We use Survey Anyplace for all types of surveys and assessments across our global business and employees love its ease of use and flexible reporting."
Jim McLean Alere
Jim McLean
Director at Alere
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Energy Efficiency example: flexible content

Generate reports with flexible content

No rigid PDF templates that cramp your style. Alternate between solid and variable text, graphs, and images, based on the answers of your respondent. You can even add data from other sources to create reports with aggregated data.

“It’s a great advantage to have formulas and the possibility for a really thorough analysis. There are hundreds of formulas, but the customer only sees the easy-to-read report. If you’re looking for something like that, it’s really nice to work with Survey Anyplace.”
Sabine Wanmaker
Country Manager Netherlands at Better Minds at Work
Energy Efficiency example: flexible content

No coding. No hassle.

Don’t worry about complicated setup with multiple tools. ReportR is the only assessment software around where you can create interactive assessments that also generate personalized reports per respondent.

“NOBODY has a product that is exactly like this. I looked for days, and from what I can tell, this checks the box. In fact, it’s what I would have created if I had been designing a program for myself.”
Kate Zabriskie
Kate Zabriskie
CEO of Business Training Works, Inc.
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Branded assessment report

A custom-feel at a fraction of the cost

No expensive or time-consuming process. Effortlessly integrate your branding for an end result that looks like it was custom built and designed.

“Survey Anyplace is easy to use and comes with out-of-the-box modern designs to get you started. I like how easy it is to customize the look and feel.”
Erin Heilman
Director of Marketing at Medisolv
Branded assessment report

Instantly downloadable PDF reports

No need to scare respondents away by asking for their email. Let people download their personalized PDF with a download button at the end.

“I was able to create a customized, responsive backend combined with a clean front end that automatically generates reports and sends them to clients. The math that I’ve done says: Based on what I’m paying Survey Anyplace, I can run my company for the next 20 years and it’ll still be cheaper than a custom-built solution.”
David from Passions and Talents
David Endean
Founder of Passions and Talents
Energy Efficiency Assessment and Report

The Best Assessment Software Has These 4 Characteristics

Survey feedback
Immediate Personalized Feedback

With our automatic PDF generator you can provide the respondent with a personalized feedback report based on their individual answers immediately at the end of the assessment.

survey branding
Fully Branded and
White Labeled Assessments

Remove any reference to Survey Anyplace and add your own brand colors, fonts and logos with our White label solution. You can even brand the URLs, PDF reports, dashboards and assessment editor!

User-friendly Interface

Don’t worry about a complicated setup. It’s just as easy to create an assessment as it is to fill one in, thanks to an easy-to-use interface, both for you and the respondent.

Custom scoring
Custom Scoring

Custom scoring allows you to add a value to each answer option. You can calculate scores for the entire assessment or split it up in as many categories as you want.

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We are not a service provider for content of assessments, and this example is a simplified version.

4 Tips to Conduct a Succesful Assessment

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