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Webinar: how to create a truly engaging quiz

Engaging quizzes with gamification lead to better knowledge retention and lets your respondents learn in an entertaining way. Our co-founder Mark teaches you how to create such an engaging quiz, whether they are employees or customers. Watch the full…

Survey Anyplace 2.0 is here!

  We’re very excited (and a little bit sleep-deprived) to announce our newest software version ! As robust as the previous version was, this new one was created to greatly improve the ways you’ll be able to engage with your audience—and the…

Mobile surveys turn Point of Sale into a Point of Insight

Point of sale consumer surveying certainly isn’t new—pen-and-clipboard-equipped surveyors have been a mainstay in our malls and grocery stores for years. But the ubiquity of mobile devices and app-less mobile surveys and quizzes are re-writing the…

Driving Online Customer Success

Real-time Feedback & Two-way Communication Drives Customer Technology Usage and the Bottom Line.
When was the last time you used your generic spreadsheet program to its maximum capabilities? Do you even know all it can do for you? Many of your clients have the same issues with the software you’re providing…

Marketing for the Always-Connected Consumers

  Marketing used to take forever. Weeks for focus groups, months crafting a campaign, photo shoots and contact sheets, building ads without a computer. Not any more. Today, a long time is the expanse of time between latte and lunch. Today, shifts…

Getting Real-time Feedback from Employees

  Knowing how satisfied employees are is much easier the more you keep in touch. From uncovering simmering crises to simply strengthening HR-employee relationships—communication is key. When employees know their input is valued, their satisfaction…

4 reasons why mobile surveys are the new standard

A friend and I were talking the other day when he told me that her first grader’s play she was attending earlier in the week was interrupted by someone’s cell phone ringing. Twice. It was my friend’s way of validating what nearly everybody knows…

4 Way to Leverage Mobile Without Building an App

No one could argue very convincingly that mobile isn’t one of the most disruptive, transformational factors in business today. Consumers are armed 24/7 with ever more powerful smartphones and tablets. But most aren’t dying to download an app you paid handsomely to develop.

Survey on the spot instead of e-mail

Paper surveys have probably been around since papyrus. We’ve always been interested to know what others were thinking, right? We’ve all seen the surveyors at the grocery store, armed with clipboard, pen and paper form, intercepting folks lugging bags out to their cars to ask about products and services. In-home surveys came via parcel post, in over-stuffed envelopes with any manner of surveys, from private businesses to the city collecting opinions about new urbanization plans.

How follow-up customer surveys fall short

What would your impression of a restaurant be if the maître d’hôtel called you two days after you dined to ask how your meal was?
Is your response to an emailed survey about your experience four days earlier going to be as detailed as it would have been if you’d provided your feedback during the interaction?
People get busy, they forget details, and they might not think to look for your survey in their email’s Junk folder.