4 things to consider before launching your survey

There are many ways to get better insights from your customers. But a solid way to collect valuable data that is both easy and quick to turn around is by using an online or mobile survey.

We get many questions from our clients on how they can improve their data collection. We’ve combined them in 4 key-insights on how you can enhance your own data game by working with surveys, the modern kind. 

1. Don’t bore your audience with a traditional survey.
2. Take interactivity to the next level
3. Put your data to good use
4. Use real-time feedback to skyrocket your data collection

We’ll break each one down into a few useful examples below.

cartoon on boring surveys


1. Don’t bore your audience with a traditional survey. 

  • Try to avoid the word ‘survey’, it immediately brings people to the perception of the way too long, boring kind of survey that we want to stay clear of. Instead, just start your questionnaire with a more personal message “We’d like to ask you a couple of questions”, “We’d like to know what you think”, …
  • Make it conversational. Give some information in return, before you ask the next question. A “did you know” or “your answer will be used to …” will do just fine! (We have quite a few tips on the conversation-topic right here)
  • In fact, by stating clearly what you will do with the results, or by sharing those results afterwards, you can keep the conversation going and increase engagement. Start your survey by sharing the results of a previous one, let people know how helpful their information was to you.  
  • Use open questions regularly. We know, analyzing these takes a bit more time BUT it will also give you more original and genuine insights. Invest some extra time in respondents that gave clear, elaborate answers. Potential brand ambassador-alert!
    If a respondent is happy about you and they are willing to share this in a survey, they are very likely to share this online as well. It never hurts to pamper these respondents a bit and to ask them if their quotes can be shared.
  • Limit the number of questions. And then, cut out another two! We’re not kidding, after the fifth question, your respondent can only think of one thing: finishing this thing as quickly as possible!


2. Take interactivity to the next level

Your audience would like to get something from you. With good reason! Translate this to your campaigns and surveys – give something valuable in return to your clients. It’s far more effective than the traditional “do you have 5 minutes to answer this 25-question survey?” e-mail survey. Two examples that work: 

  • When you’re at a business event or a trade show, try conducting a short mobile quiz about a topic that’s related to your business. Quizzes are a great way to engage and challenge people. There is something in it for them: they can test themselves, maybe prove their knowledge and, hopefully, learn something. In return, you collect valuable leads.
  • Content marketing is the talk of the town. But blog articles may not be the most interactive way to bring your message across. Create an assessment survey to capture your audience’s attention and to give them the information you want to distribute in an original way. Focus on a domain related to your business e.g. “take this assessment to check your maturity level in … “ This kind of interactive content will let your respondents feel more engaged and less forced to provide the information you want.
    (Discover more on interactive content marketing in this great read by Jason Brewer of Brolik.)


3. Put your data to good use 

As a marketer, you really only have two options:

  • You got positive feedback: use it for marketing purposes. Attract new customers!
  • You got negative feedback: communicate this to your Customer Service or Product department. Make sure someone reaches out to the respondent. A long term solution for the problem itself needs to be agreed upon as well.

Of course you already knew that negative feedback needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Most companies handle that part of their newly discovered insights pretty well. But positive feedback should be used too, to create an even greater positive experience. One simple way of doing this is by asking your respondents if positive quotes can be re-used in your website, on social media or other communications.

4. Use real-time feedback to skyrocket your data collection

It’s easy to capture feedback immediately after or even during the customer’s experience nowadays. Thanks to our focus on mobile technology, the experience still lives in respondents’ memories. And it shows, both in an increased response rate and higher accuracy in feedback.

And when we say mobile technology, we mean that in every way possible! Think of the use of camera and GPS for example, you can now capture insights that were inaccessible before. The options here will keep on growing, along with the technology itself!

Our CEO, Stefan Debois, recently shared these insights in an interview with Reachforce.

Do you have questions on enhancing your data game via entertaining surveys? Let us know!

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