A brand new look for all your surveys!

Drum roll please!

We took our time – we know.
We teased about it for quite a while – we know.
And now we are so happy to finally announce all the changes that have been made in our tool. The first place where you’ll see the new look is in your own surveys and quizzes…
So now it’s time you should know as well!

The transfer from old to new will take place on February 24th.
For a short summary of all the changes: scroll down to the end of this blogpost.

What can you you expect from the shiny brand new Survey Anyplace app?

A slick, modern design for all your surveys and quizzes!
Tablemountain left

The most important change is the new layout for all your current surveys.
That’s right, this new design will be applied for all newly created quizzes and surveys – but all existing ones will also be renewed.

We won’t mess up your color scheme, or any of the content you worked so hard on, don’t worry. It’ll look brighter, clearer and will be easier to use by your respondents. We’ll have everyone looking fresh by February 24th.
(The only exception for the new design is for those of you who have created surveys with custom css in the past. Your projects will remain untouched!)

When you start creating new surveys, or want to edit the existing ones, you get a lot to play with:new design templates
Choose from a range of 15 brand new design templates for a quick start to a fun-looking survey or quiz. Adapt the placement of the lay out based on your needs: Centered, Left or Compact. The compact layout is also the standard format for your surveys on mobile devices.layoutWe realized that, when you put a lot of effort in how your content sounds, the image should fit the message. So we’ve said our goodbyes to our trusted font and added 13 different fonts for you to go crazy with. Adapt font size and text color to your liking.

In fact, we’re embracing the term ‘color’ entirely! That’s why you can now work with advanced color options that allow you to change: background color, card background color, link color, button color, …
colors (2)
Awesome features like our color detector are still there.
So if you feel like taking it easy, upload your logo and let the color detector style the template with your own trusted colors. Upload – Click – Done!

Feeling inspired already? Take a shortcut here and start creating straight away.
But there’s more.

A brand new interactive widget!

We take ‘entertaining surveys’ very seriously.
After the success of our popular scratch card, we decided it was time for an addition to the widget-family.

Meet our ‘Slot Machine’!
Perfect to incentivize your respondents in a playful, different way.Screenshot slot machine

A web app with an interface that gets you

Following a clean design, we wanted to clean up the navigation and structure of our web app too. Call it a fresh start!
You’ll find your way around more easily now that all navigation has been included in a single left sidebar (including logout and account settings).
Next to us shuffling up the buttons, you’ll get easier access to our brand new,  expanded, super useful help guides! txt editor
The text editor within questions is a lot more user friendly and you’ll be glad to learn that it’s now super easy to add other languages and translations to your quizzes and surveys.


Oh and we’ve made the app a bit faster too, now that you’ll be flying through those surveys!

Have fun, start creating beautiful quizzes and surveys and start getting the qualitative data you need!

We know new beginnings can be hard.
Feeling a bit lost or have a remark?
Let us know via support@surveyanyplace.com

An overview of what exact changes we made:

Design specific changes

  • All new design of the survey app, all surveys will automatically adapt the new design except those with custom css
  • Updated ‘Edit Design’ interface in the editor with the following new items:
  • 15 all new design templates (all previous templates have been removed)
  • Choose page layout for the survey: Centered, Left or Compact (mobile devices will always have Compact layout)
  • Choose between 13 different fonts and adapt font size and text color
  • Advanced color options, including background color, card background color, link color, button color and button text color
  • Extra design options: rounded corners, show/hide page numbers, show/hide SA branding, show/hide previous button
  • ‘Old’ options still remaining: Upload custom logo, background and icon, adapt transparency, add custom css, primary and secondary color, detect colors from logo

The webapp in general

  • All navigation is now in the left sidebar including logout and account settings, the purple top bar has been removed
  • Dashboard page loads and searches faster
  • Dashboard table is slightly different: to edit a survey click its title, the different actions have changed into buttons with its name, and the table got a cleaner layout
  • Help guides button is more visible
  • New and more user friendly WYSIWYG editors for question text, intro text, outro text, …

Survey creation and editing

  • The ‘create survey’ interface has been removed, instead the ‘Create New button’ gives you two options:
    • Start from scratch, you’ll be redirected immediately to your new survey in the editor
    • Use a survey template, you’ll be redirected to an interface where you see and choose from all current survey templates by subject
  • Copying survey is now done via the dashboard, search the survey you want to copy and click the ‘Copy’ button in the actions column
  • The title and URL of your survey can now be edited above the Intro Screen, the ‘Preview’ button has been moved next to ‘Save Changes
  • ‘Advanced’ is now called ‘Extra Options’ and the third step or tab between Design and Distribute
  • An informative screen was added, for when you need to display just text and media files. No questions & no answers on this type of slide
  • The menu for ‘Translations’ has had a big update – it’ll be much easier and faster for you to enter other languages
  • Type-ahead, to help your respondents: You’re now able to upload a list of names, countries, items, … and ask the respondent to select one by typing the first characters. No more endless scrolling!
  • Last but not least: the Slot machine. An animated widget to incentivize your respondents.

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