A new website, new tools and a new attitude

Today we announce the launch of our new website.
A fast, functioning site created to help you learn more from more people, more easily. Enabling better data collection, however, runs much deeper than our new site.

A New Attitude

Consumers want to feel like they have some sort of relationship with the brands they support. Simply reaching them in the aisles or at events with a mobile survey won’t cut it anymore. Your interaction with them must also be interactive. It should be fun. Unique. Memorable.

We’re committed to helping you engineer more creativity into your quizzes and surveys. We’ve translated that into new, powerful and creative tools. And a new website that reflects our new attitude.

New Tools

As mobile evolves, so must those of us using it to gather info and data from mobile-equipped customers.
Our new tools give you more possibilities to incorporate your own creative flair into our platform. They’re designed so you can mold them to fit your specific (and creative) purposes.

We’ll also present a never-ending brainstorm of guidelines and tips to inspire you: find new time saving templates, case studies and other items of inspiration! ​See a run-down of the newest additions in our features.

A New Website

We hope our brand-spanking-new website speaks to the fun and creative approach we encourage your mobile surveys and quizzes to take. We hope you’ll find it intuitive, clean and fast.

We created the Survey Anyplace website to be your one-stop shop for creating the modern, engaging, unforgettable mobile quizzes and surveys today’s consumers respond to best.

So don’t just sit there.
Take it for a test drive!


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