9 Best Landing Page Builders & Design Examples for Inspiration

If you’re looking to get leads online, the most common way to get started is by setting up a website. Find yourself an effective landing page builder and you can easily create pages that both attract visitors and answer to a specific need or pain that that visitor might have.

The average landing page has a conversion rate of about 2.35%, but this can go as high 11.45% and more. Well, we like to aim for the stars and build pages that have high conversion rates.

Take into account the rapidly changing content landscape, and you’ll find yourself in need of a trusty and flexible landing page builder software!

What marketers need is a tool that can help them quickly produce new pages and optimize existing content to the highest standard. That’s why we took a closer look at what’s currently available and created this comparative list.

We’ve listed our selection of page builders based on their:

  • Most differentiating features: What sets them apart from other landing page builders. Access to free responsive templates, for example.
  • Pricing options
  • Capterra reviews

The 9 Best Landing Page Builders Available Today

1. Hubspot
2. GetResponse
3. Elementor
4. Landingi
5. PageCloud
6. Wishpond
7. Instapage
8. Leadpages
9. Shift4Shop

1. HubSpot Landing Pages

Hubspot landing page builder (1)

The HubSpot Landing Page builder is a simple-to-use yet highly scalable landing page solution built for marketers. As a standalone, the interface is easy to learn and you can start out using templates, which helps non-technical marketers get things off the ground without much friction.

A little extra:

Beyond that, it integrates naturally with HubSpot’s free CRM, which enables advanced tactics like setting up marketing automation workflows and personalizing the landing page content in real time based on behavioral data and contact property data.

Top differentiating features:
  • Integration with HubSpot’s all-in-one Marketing Hub and CRM (which really is extremely powerful)
  • Native A/B testing functionality
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Easy to personalize landing pages using data from HubSpot’s CRM

Starts at $800/month for the full HubSpot Marketing Professional package.

What users are saying about HubSpot Landing Pages on Capterra:
  • “The true value of HubSpot Marketing is the integration of every marketing platform. Blogs, email, landing pages, workflows and more can easily be created – and integrated – for an easy to use, all in one marketing portal. You can create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for customers to convert to a sale or marketing qualified lead.”
  • “Hubspot is a robust software that helps us organize and streamline our sales and marketing efforts, together. We can create landing pages and a drip campaign with workflows that the sales team can jump in and out of at any time. It helps us get organized, and the new editor is really helpful.”
My personal note:

Without a doubt the most advanced marketing tool out there! Because it’s part of such an all-round package, this landing page builder works well for the more seasoned marketer. If you have the time to dedicate yourself to set up the entire HubSpot Marketing package you’ll get all the insights, flexibility and automation you’ll ever need.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse landing pages (3)

GetResponse landing page creator helps you grow your business with an easy but powerful all-in-one marketing platform: email marketing, marketing automation, responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email and landing page templates, landing page creator, webinars, and useful analytical tools.

A little extra:

Getresponse has a great “countdown” feature that can stimulate conversion due to the idea that there’s a timely offer available on the page. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to embed iframes in landing pages built with GetResponse. A quiz or assessment or even a simple form created in Survey Anyplace can be added to a page without trouble.

Top differentiating features:
  • Mobile workspace to optimize pages for more mobile conversion & free responsive templates (hundreds of them!)
  • Built-in forms to capture leads & customer data
  • Flexible publishing options (use your own domain or GetResponse subdomains for free)
  • A/B testing & analytics
  • Integrates with all popular analytics & remarketing platforms

Their Pro plan with unlimited landing pages starts at $49/month.
Good to know is their discount offers:

  • 18% if you sign up for 12 months
  • 30% for 24 months
  • 50% for all non-profit organizations
What users are saying about GetResponse landing page creator on Capterra:
  • “I have also used their landing pages, which are really simple to format and create in a short amount of time. They are completely customizable and are great if you want to quickly set up an opt-in without creating a whole website.”
  • “GetResponse does help create emails and landing pages fast. By having the connection between having the email database, email creations, and landing pages it does make it easier to segment contacts and easily keep track of them. For the price, it does offer a basic and easy tool for beginners or those without much design experience to help more easily create.”
My personal note:

An easy-to-use tool that is perfect to be used independently from their other offerings as it integrates so well with so many tools. But also ideal to be used in combination with their email software if list building is your current goal.

3. Elementor


One of the world’s most popular WordPress site builders, Elementor boasts an incredibly dynamic landing page builder, as well. Offering users responsive templates and an intuitive drag & drop live editor, Elementor is leveraged by millions to create high-converting WordPress landing pages.

A little extra:

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for a reason. However, if you can’t code, creating landing pages with WP can prove almost impossible. That’s what sets Elementor apart: The ability to effortlessly create marketing and sales-oriented WordPress landing pages without having to tinker with code. At all.

Top differentiating features:
  • 300+ templates and 90+ widgets
  • Popup form builder
  • Industry-leading drag and drop editor. No coding needed
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading marketing and CRM tools, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse,

Elementor offers an extensive free plan along with 4 subscription packages beginning at US$49 per year.

Good to know is their discount offers:

  • Elementor offers incredible deals on Black Friday
  • For a limited time only, you can take advantage of a special deal: 3 websites for $99
What users are saying about Elementor landing page creator on Capterra:
  • Featured as a Top Performer on Captterra’s landing page software shortlist for 2021
  • Elementor’s presets are amazing, all the blocks are designed to be very pleasing to the eye, and it makes it easy for me to make beautiful websites with only basic knowledge of design.”
  • “I’ve done many useful pages for my campaigns and lots of experiments thanks to Elementor. I was using Hubspot and I like Elementor better.”
  • “Elementor is THE best website builder for me. I have been using it on my website for 3 years now. Pricing is reasonable and features make your website look amazing”

4. Landingi

landingi-page builder

Landingi page builder is the end-to-end platform to build landing pages without IT and coding skills! Create, publish, optimize your landing pages and run A/B tests all by yourself! With the drag & drop editor, it’s easy to create a landing page. Select from over 200 high-converting templates, automate your marketing stack using the built-in integrations to bring your marketing to a higher level. Landingi supports your campaigns by personalizing your landing pages for your target audience and PPC ads.

A little extra:

The builders are quite similar, but Landingi differs from their competition with the flexibility level and what you can actually create with them.

Top differentiating features:
  • No limitation on key numbers for customers (number of landing pages, visitors, domains, leads & account users) on all plans
  • 200+ landing page templates, which is the highest number in this list of landing page builders
  • Flexible editor that lets you implement almost any design when using it.
  • Multiple publication options: Landingi domain, your own domain or subdomain, as a WordPress plugin, unbranded WordPress plugin or embedding via PHP server

Prices start from $29/month (when billed annually) and $39/month (when billed monthly).
It’s good to know that there are specific plans dedicated to businesses and agencies as well.

What users are saying about Landingi landing page creator on Capterra:
  • “My experience has been positive 99% of the time. With Landingi you can’t go wrong, it’s an easy-to-use landing page builder which lets you have a functional and beautiful landing page in minutes. Yes, it’s missing a few features, but their flat rate for unlimited landing pages does not punish you for sticking around and waiting while they implement them. Don’t get me wrong though, non of the features that are missing will prevent you from building a landing page that will bring thousands of conversions.”
  • “I struggled with other landing page builders, but Landingi came very naturally to me. What I like – They have a wide variety of templates to get you started – Ability to import custom fonts – A/B Testing – Lets you track and export leads by landing page – Can add custom JavaScript for tracking and other service integrations – Flexible enough to create sales funnels”
My personal note:

A tool that you can use without any technical skills is very useful when you want to publish fast and simple landing pages. What makes the platform unique is that they don’t punish success. Landingi offers unlimited landing pages, domains, visitors, leads and users on each plan of their platform.

5. PageCloud

pagecloud landing page software

PageCloud is best known for its WYSIWYG editor that gives you the ability to position and style content without having to write a single line of code. Thanks to PageCloud’s Flat Page Architecture and Automatic Image Optimization, creating a fast loading custom landing page has never been easier! Plus, PageCloud gives you access to 100+ easy-to-use app integrations so you can work with the tools you’re already using.

A little extra:

Unlike most landing page builders, PageCloud gives advanced users full access to the page’s source code, making PageCloud the ideal tool for collaboration between designers, developers, and business owners.

Top differentiating features:
  • Next generation architecture (flat HTML files for incredibly fast loading pages)
  • 100+ app integrations (ecommerce, video, events, social media, chat, analytics, … )
  • Full access to the source code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • World-leading drag and drop and webdesign technology
  • Customizable forms and inbox for lead management

All inclusive plans for $24/month or $240/year per site.
(They announced the launch of new plans, we’ll make the update here once they’re available)

What users are saying about PageCloud on Capterra:
  • “I am able to create and easily maintain my own website, without having to hire someone or contact someone every time I need updates done.I love the layout and features. The menu is simple and easy on the eyes. I like that all the main things you need are in the little menu that comes up with each box.”
  • “Using PageCloud finally allowed me to unleash my creative ideas for my businesses’ and my personal webpage. There are no boxes that I am forced to fit into, the interface is akin to Photoshop but with slightly more ease of use, and almost anything that I cannot do within the PageCloud domain I am able to find through their integratable Apps section. However, their strongest feature is their dedicated customer service team.”
My personal note:

The visual aspect of their web page editor is very similar to programs such as Photoshop & Keynote which makes designing a page very clear and easy. The fact you can access the entire code makes room for small personalizations that you can achieve which regular templates don’t allow. (A seasoned developer from your team might come in handy to help you out here!)

6. Wishpond

Wishpond landing page builder

Wishpond landing pages is one of the world’s most user-friendly softwares with over 100+ mobile responsive templates built for any industry. Use Wishpond’s drag and drop editor to quickly publish your page then connect that page with their powerful email automation software to track, segment, and nurture those leads into customers.

A little extra:

Features such as unlimited testing variations and highly customizable forms (and many more) make Wishpond a highly flexible landing page builder.

Top differentiating features:
  • 1-click publishing on Facebook, subdomains or your website
  • Email automation (for autoresponders and marketing automation)
  • Built-in analytics and conversion tracking
  • Integrated with over 500+ apps

Plans starting at $49 / month

What users are saying about Wishpond on G2 Crowd:
  • “I cherish Wishpond’s simple UI. I had the capacity to utilize their delightful layouts to control me in making magnificent presentation pages and pop ups! I additionally like that you have the decision to simply utilize it on their servers on the off chance that you need, so you can simply get battles ready for action and don’t need to stress over placing code into your own site.”
  • “Wishpond has, by far, the best customer service I’ve experienced in a ESP. My account rep and I text each other and when i need something done, or have a question, it is handled immediately no matter what time of day I reach out. This is extremely helpful to me.” (We opted for G2 since they don’t have a page on Capterra)
My personal note:

We’ve been following the Wishpond blog for a very long time, it shows they know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing. With their landing page builder, it’s no different! It is simple and easy to use and their responsiveness in customer support is a delight.

7. Instapage

Instapage Personalization landing pages

Instapage is more than just a landing page “builder.” It’s designed for teams and agencies, and it is the leader in post-click optimization with industry-leading features. They are the most complete solution on the market and are the only brand in this list to offer personalized post-click experiences, InstablocksTM & Global Blocks to scale landing page production, heatmaps, and team collaboration.

A little extra:

Instapage was the first platform to offer AMP landing page functionality so digital marketers can maximize mobile conversions. (AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages, that load faster for better mobile use)

Top differentiating features:
  • AMP-specific landing pages
  • Global Blocks to edit global brand templates & Instablocks™ to create flexible landing pages
  • Responsive page experiences to any device and browser
  • Page version history to restore earlier versions when needed
  • Real-time collaboration

Their core plan is $ 99/month.

What users are saying about Instapage on Capterra:
  • “Instapage is the easiest, most scalable solution for agencies. The builder is super easy to learn, the integration with WordPress is seamless, and the ability to duplicate pages for scale and to collaborate with your team and/or clients is industry-leading.”
  • “General UI is really really solid. I have found the software very easy to use as a non-designer / non-coder and created a number of high performing landing pages. This is gold-dust for me as a PPC manager. I previously just focused on working from within Adwords / Bing Ads / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter Ads – and did not touch landing pages. It has really helped me to be able to take control of the full process – driving traffic and influencing conversion rate with landing pages.”
My personal note:

With a beautifully simple user interface, Instapage is one of the tools that you can sign up to and get started with straight away, it’s very easy to use. If you want to make use of features such as AMP pages and global blocks, you’ll need the Enterprise plan.

8. Leadpages

Leadpages-Drag-and-Drop-Builder-Landing-Pages (1)

Leadpages landing page software enables small businesses to make the most of their web traffic and turn more clicks into leads and customers. As a leader in conversion-marketing and a champion of DIY digital entrepreneurs, Leadpages makes it easy to create, publish, and optimize websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond. Leadpages is the most effective, affordable way for small businesses to connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.

A little extra:

Real-life customer support with a team you can reach via phone, email, AND chat.

Top differentiating features:
  • Conversion-first platform: A/B testing, conversion-optimized templates, best-in-class page load speed & built-in conversion tips.
  • Page load speed: Lead pages load 2.4 seconds faster and have a performance score 30% higher than leading competitors.
  • Website/landing pages/Facebook ads under one roof: centralized content creation for all kinds of channels.
  • Real-time analytics
  • Unlimited page views, leads, and conversions: they don’t charge more for their customers’ success

Subscriptions to the Leadpages platform start at $17 / month and are available for monthly, annual, and two-year plans.

What other users are saying about Leadpages on Capterra:
  • “I love how fresh the design is, how simple it is to use and how flexible is it to use on and with so many other platforms. Have a WordPress site? use the plugin. Have another cloud platform? There’s a good chance you can embed the HTML and have your pages show up over there (I know I do this successfully with Teachable). The page designs are frequently updated and they’re not just old marketing designs, they’re built for conversions but they always look fresh and next-gen.”
  • “Very easy to use, competitively priced (with monthly and annual contract and payment plans), responsive support and attractively designed UIs. It’s simple to pick up and start creating a page from the very first try. Easy to integrate with other platforms (especially Drip), with a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor and design options.”
My personal note:

Especially Leadpages’ Leadmeter stands out, with built-in tips to tweak and optimize your page even before you’ve published it is incredibly useful. Like a little mentor watching over your shoulder! That and not needing any code to customize to your exact needs is very useful.

9. Shift4Shop


Shift4Shop is an eCommerce platform that includes a powerful, intuitive website builder. With a focus on online stores, eCommerce entrepreneurs can create websites and landing pages designed to convert with ease. Beyond landing page capabilities, Shift4Shop comes built-in with marketing and SEO tools, conversion optimization features, customer service management, and much more. The platform also integrates with 100+ apps to give your site even more functionality.

A little extra:

As an all-in-one eCommerce solution, Shift4Shop gives you more control over both online selling features and web design features. You can easily edit your site’s code while taking care of your inventory management, making this the ideal solution for any entrepreneur who wants it all.

Top differentiating features:
  • Hundreds of built-in features, reducing need for paid third-party apps
  • Free responsive website themes that are easy to customize
  • Easy-to-use Page Builder for landing pages and extra content
  • Customize website templates with the Theme Editor or HTML/CSS code
  • Free hosting and custom domain name registration

Free unlimited plan available using preferred payment method

What users are saying about Shift4Shop on Capterra:
  • “It works well with any level of developer. For beginners you can make and publish a product with just a name, pic and price. But the more savvy can get as detailed on the products and functionality as they want. The site even allows for custom programming and html mock ups. So as a simple to diverse system, this has been the best I’ve seen. And I have tried many platforms. This has been my favorite. And when they say “unlimited” they mean Unlimited.”
  • “When I was looking into e-commerce platforms, a friend of mine recommended Shift4Shop. I had never heard of them but I’m glad I checked them out. They are located in the US, have great value for money and give control to build a great website.”
My personal note:

Shift4Shop has come a long way over the years, constantly adding to and updating their offering to keep up with modern website creation tools. With a bit of web design knowledge, you can turn any page on your Shift4Shop website into a high-converting landing page – all of which is supported by a comprehensive backend designed for selling more.


There are tons of tools out there…  After you’ve found the one that meets your needs, it’s great to know where to start in terms of content that belongs on your landing pages. Take a look at this great resource to discover the 3 rules you should keep in mind when building your first landing pages  or check out these landing page examples for inspiration.

Got any experience working with landing page builders? Let me know in the comments!

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