Best Tools To Manage Your Marketing Team

When it comes to marketing, there is no one straight rule for anyone to follow. Technologies and strategies keep changing, and everyone on a marketing team must adapt to these changes. However, specific tools make it all easy. This article brings to your notice useful tools for your brand, which can help transform your marketing team from ordinary to great.

When you have a team of connected employees, your conversation rate should be on the rise at a scale of about 20%-25%, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. With the right tools, like social technology, turnover in a firm rises, which is very much expected by everyone involved in the business. How do you bring out the best in your marketing team? What tools do you apply to ensure that every aspect of the job thrives?

Project management

This involves the thorough supervision of the working members of the team. Good project management encompasses the great application of working processes, follow up of deliverables, setting up working strategies for easy workflow, and effective communication. Useful tools for the project managers in a marketing team are:

IBM Watson Marketing: Formerly known as Silverpop, this tool helps you organize your workspace from automation to email, social media, and a lot more. With this tool, you do not have to bother about one part of your work lacking because you can be available on many platforms and still be able to quantify the results of your team and work with your assessment report.

Wrike: With Wrike, project bananas have been able to organize the work in real-time. Your online marketing campaigns and general work processes need not suffer as Wrike helps you track it all and deliver promptly.

Asana: This is a great tool that helps users communicate and work effectively with their teams. With Asana, team members can stay connected in the business of creating tasks, sharing work progress, and keeping updated. This tool helps with tracking a great deal with any device. With time being of the essence in the world of business, Asana time tracking integration aids users deliver promptly and manage their work effectively.

Social media management

With the increasing buzz about social media and the world being so involved online, your business cannot do without it. Your social media manager needs social media management tools to regularly monitor, keep the team updated, and adequately manage conversations online. How are you and your team seen online? Help your marketing team do better online with the following tools.

Buzzsumo: This tool provides a very reliable search engine for the social media manager. It helps track your successes and provides insights on what has led to success, so you can plan on how to achieve greater heights. You cannot stay off the trend online with BuzzSumo.

Sproutsocial: This solution is cloud-based and helps teams connect easily with their customers. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about publishing, analytics, and engagement, thereby producing great results regarding social communication. This is because you can easily build and maintain relationships with your customers with this tool.

Mailshake: There are many people we like to call “influencers.” These people have an established follower-base, which can be useful to your business. Mailshake helps you connect with these influencers and establish relationships with them, which will lead to them sharing your brand and its services with their followers.

Data Analysis

It is essential to know your performance regularly. Your data analyst helps in keeping track and updating all the information regarding the efforts of the team and ROI. The following tools help in this regard:

Kissmetrics: When it comes to e-commerce, this tool is just what you need to know your customer response to your products and site. When a visitor becomes a customer, users get an anonymous activity tie on their profiles, thanks to Kissmetrics.

SEMrush: This tool helps with information on how your keywords are doing. With SEMrush, you can regularly get updated on the performance of your keywords.

Landing Page Grader: With this tool, you can get information on sites and their benefits for you. Landing Page Grader allows you to enter sites and get updated concisely on its workability with respect to your business.


In a marketing team, the SEO specialist aids in managing backlinks, keywords, and generally keeping the websites healthy and very much available to the public.

SEOquake: This tool comes with an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Packed with a lot of benefits, you can conduct analysis on domains, URLs, internal links, and even check SEO audits on-page. Know what’s better? All these are available for free.

Google search console: You can easily get information on how your business is doing on Google Search. You also get to know about CTR. Essential learning regarding your business and all your URLs that have been indexed.

MozBar: Another Chrome extension, this tool gives you a toolbar from for easy SEO analysis. With MozBar, you can search for keywords on a page and highlight them. You also get Authority information on Pages and Domains on any site.

Content strategy

This involves the production, selection, organization, care, and release of all content for the team best suited to the marketing plan. This content appeals to the customers and boosts the brand. The following tools greatly help in this matter:

Curata: This toolset you on top of the thought process of businesses. With Curata, you can search and share important content faster than you can imagine.

Office 365: This combines many tools very useful to every content marketer. From Word to OneNote, you only need to be online to have your workflow easily.

Content Insight: this is a great tool for development and repurposes of content. Asides from helping you sum it all down in a concise manner, you can also use Content Insight to add the analytics data of every content you create.

Ahrefs: Search backlinks and keep on track with keywords of competitors. Ahrefs helps you know the sites that link back to posts that concern your business and pieces that matter to your competitors.


This has to do with coding, API handling through a platform, app building and development, and sequence retargeting. The team’s technical specialists are also troubleshooters for the team, and the following tools assist them greatly.

AppMachine: Just as it is called, this aids you to create apps without stress. With AppMachine, you can develop apps for just about anything to improve your business from events to meetings and improve on your reach.

Zapier: This is an excellent tool for the integration of the many tools you and your team use. With Zapier, you can set up as many zaps as possible and have your tools “connect” and flow with each other.

AdRoll: Sometimes, your target audience can ignore your deals and ideas, then you have to retarget. This is made easy with AdRoll, which gives you access to a great number of people on the internet, say over 95% and boom, you are just where you want to be.


Everyone deserves a boost in their business if they are interested in riding with the fast pacing economy of the world. Marketing, like many other aspects of business, can be tough, but with a great team that is consumer-focused and filled with diverse talents, it can thrive. This success is even more easily achieved with the use of specific tools, such as the very best mentioned in this article. Which tools do you use for your marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments.

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