How Consultants Are Using Quizzes in their Marketing Strategy

The consulting market is worth over $64 billion in the US alone.

And the industry is fast-growing, making it a very competitive space to be in.

That’s why, as a consultant, you must have a solid marketing strategy in place to ensure you get a good slice of the pie. 

If you’ve been struggling in the marketing department, perhaps you need to learn how to use quizzes to generate leads.

That’s because quizzes effectively 

  • grab attention, 
  • engage your audience, 
  • and convert them into leads.

As a consultant, you’re probably curious to know how to implement a quiz in your marketing strategy. 

Let’s get started. 

Why are Quizzes a Smart Marketing Tool for Consultants?

They may look simple, but quizzes are a powerful marketing tool. Why are they so powerful?

Let’s take a look at why quizzes are a smart tool in your marketing strategy:

#1 They Drive Engagement 

One reason is that quizzes engage your audience in a fun yet informative way. Designed well, your quiz can offer your target audience a personalized experience that shows you know and value them.

financial virtues


#2 They Boost Search Engine Rankings

The interactive nature of quizzes often results in people sharing your quiz page, thereby driving traffic to your website. 

Not only do you benefit from the spike in traffic, but the more engagement your quiz page gets, the more search engines see it as a valuable resource. As a result, they will rank it higher for search terms related to your business.

#3 They Promote your Service

Getting the word out about your consulting services can be difficult, especially with all the noise on the internet. And that’s where quizzes come in. They help you cut through the noise by offering your audience a fun way to interact with your brand.

Digital IQ


#4 They Collect Data about Your Audience

Data is the currency of digital marketing. That’s because, with it, you can create campaigns that can boost your revenue. And quizzes are an excellent tool for collecting all kinds of information about your target audience. Do it carefully, though. Otherwise, you’ll run afoul of data privacy laws and regulations.

#5 They Reduce your Cost Per Lead (CPL) 

Cost per lead (CPL) is the total amount you spend on acquiring a lead for your consulting business. And quizzes are one of the best ways to generate leads without breaking the bank. That’s because they are easy to create and cost way less than other marketing assets to make.

Now that you know how quizzes are an effective asset in your marketing strategy, let’s dive into how you can use quizzes to generate leads as a consultant.

Quizzes in Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

The first step to learning how to use quizzes to generate leads is to understand your sales funnel. Doing so will help you know what kind of quiz to create at each stage.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all sales funnel, we’ll look at the general stages your target audience goes through from the time they come across your quiz to the time they convert into a customer. 


The first type of quiz you use in your sales process must be designed for website visitors. These are people who have never interacted with your brand before coming across your quiz.

At this stage of their journey, design a quiz to help your visitor get acquainted with your consulting services.


To do this, you must ask general questions that relate to their pain points or aspirations. You must also tie the questions to your services.


A prospect is a person who meets your ideal customer profile (ICP). They meet specific criteria you have set that qualifies them to be a potential client.

With prospects, you need to ask more in-depth questions that allow you to prove your expertise.

self assessment

As a consultant, the quality of questions you ask potential clients separates you from the “meh” consultants. It projects you as the must-hire consultant who understands their clients and is worth their weight in gold. One way to prove your expertise is to design a quiz that helps your prospects assess their real needs. 

This “soul searching” also helps you project yourself as an authority clients can trust to offer a viable solution.

Qualified Lead

As your prospect moves along your sales pipeline, they become a qualified lead. This means they are ready for more direct sales messaging. 

Because they are now primed and ready for a solution, you can shift the quiz’s focus from their pain points to how you can help improve their business. At this stage, your quiz should be an assessment of what must be done to move the prospect from their current position to where they aspire to be.

Your quiz must also set you up as the hero of your prospect’s story at this stage.

Once the assessment is complete, you can offer valuable feedback to your prospect in the form of a report, cheat sheet, or a free call to discuss ways they can move to the next level.


Conversion: You Have a New Client

Congratulations, your quiz-based marketing strategy has worked!

Now you can pack away the quizzes, right?


Quizzes are so versatile you can use them to achieve so many of your consulting business goals. 

One such goal you can achieve with the help of well-designed quizzes is customer retention. Customer retention focuses on engaging your clients and providing them with customer experiences (CX) that encourage them to keep coming back for more of your services.

So how do you use quizzes to retain customers?

Design and send them quizzes that show you care about their progress. Your quiz at this stage of the customer journey should be based on getting feedback on your client’s experience with you and your services.


When your clients see that you’re interested in bringing out the best in them, they’ll undoubtedly become loyal. One of the advantages of having a customer loyalty strategy is that your loyal customers usually turn into brand advocates — they spread the word about you to their networks. 

Quizzes for different business types

Not all consulting and coaching businesses are the same. After all, they cater to different audiences and help their clients tackle different life and business challenges.

However, one thing is sure — no matter your consulting niche, quizzes play an essential role in your marketing strategy.

Let’s briefly look at some types of consulting businesses and how they utilize quizzes in their marketing campaigns. 

HR Consultants

HR consultants have one primary function — helping businesses to utilize their human resources efficiently. If you’re in this space, an interesting type of quiz you could design is a conflict management assessment.


Conflict management and resolution is a normal part of HR that many organizations struggle with. Internal conflict in businesses results in a significant loss of efficiency, ànd in the form of real dollars. As a conflict moderator or consultant, you can help businesses resolve these conflicts, or prevent them from happening at all.

Offering a quiz in the form of a calculator, as in the example above, is bound to help you generate lots of leads at the top of your funnel. 

Marketing Consultants

One of the most impactful quizzes you can utilize as a marketing consultant is a maturity assessment. A maturity assessment is a quiz that allows you to help your clients gauge their marketing efforts and results in relation to competitors and the industry in general.

For example, Boot Camp Digital created a Digital IQ test for marketers to check their marketing intelligence. This campaign has allowed them to collect so many results that they were able to create a research report based on the quiz data.


Not only will you be able to help marketers discover the gaps in their strategy, but the results will also help develop a roadmap for progress. This type of survey works best in the middle of your funnel (MOFU) as it’s attractive to marketers who’re looking to improve their strategy.

Finance Consultants

For many people, opening up about their finances can be an uncomfortable experience. However, by gamifying the process and turning it into a quiz, it becomes easier for your clients to open up.


But quizzes don’t just help make your clients open up about their finances — they’re also an excellent tool for generating leads. For instance, you can create a quiz to help clients gauge their financial health. 

You can offer those who score lowly a free resource to help them improve. As for those who do well, you can offer them some free resources in exchange for their email address. 

When you start to receive positive reactions, you can also ask them to share their results with their social network, helping you spread the word about your quiz and services.

Using quizzes is the best way to fill the top of your funnel with leads.

Health, Wellness and Prevention Consultants

Most people value good health above all other things in life. And almost everyone will do everything in their power to live a long healthy life.

This gives you a good angle for creating powerful marketing quizzes in the form of risk assessments.

heart risk


Depending on your particular target demographic, you can create a quiz designed to assess their risk levels for specific ailments or conditions. This type of quiz works best at the top of the funnel where you want to introduce prospects to your services.

Note: Always make sure your quizzes are HIPPA compliant.

Management Consultants

As a management consultant, your job is to help organizations improve their performance. This is usually when the organization plateaus, and management has trouble finding a winning strategy. Maybe the desired results are absent because of a lack of leadership? 

To convince managers of your expertise as a management consultant, you can utilize a leadership assessment to define whether a new leadership style is necessary. Questions can range from leadership style to leadership skills and everything in-between.

ideas and contributions


Of course, the primary purpose of this type of quiz is lead generation. And to attract those leads, you must generate a professional report tied to what the organization must do to move forward.   

The Importance of Personalization

One of the key elements of a successful quiz is personalization. Giving personalized feedback increases the value of your service. As a result, you generate more leads.

But with so many people taking your quizzes, how is personalization possible?


Leverage automation tools like SurveyAnyplace.

Not only can you design quizzes your target audience will enjoy, but you can also automatically generate personalized PDF reports

Automating your quiz-based marketing strategy from start to finish is easy. More importantly, it’s an efficient way to scale your consulting business significantly. 

Bottom Line

Quizzes are an efficient and cost-effective way to generate leads for your consulting business — especially if you promote them well. And the best part is they help you capture more data about your prospect than other marketing strategies. As a result, you can run more personalized lead nurturing campaigns.

That’s why you must know how to use quizzes to generate leads as a consultant.

So go ahead, get started with using quizzes to generate leads, and watch the leads roll in.

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