10 Customer Personalization Strategies You Should Know in 2022

It goes without saying that personalizing your services and providing a tailored experience will increase engagement and sales.

Data is the key to providing a great user experience. But, here’s the thing, raw data is boring and dry. Honestly, nobody wants to dig deeper into the long list of statistics, and that’s where visuals come into play. Data visualization and presentation using a tool like Visme allows you to help your audience better understand your brand message and brand voice. Here’s why:

  • Data is easier to digest with visuals
  • You can easily identify patterns
  • Visuals narrate a wider story
  • Data is memorable with visuals and more!

On a broader level, you can increase the overall success of your marketing efforts by utilizing the data you’ve acquired from your audience. As customers have more options, the trend toward personalizing customer experiences is growing.

So, let’s scroll through this article to put light on the marketing trends and personalized strategies that you should know in the year 2022.

1. Segmentation is outdated, focus on micro-segmentation

Customers are often divided into four basic groups, usually based on demographics, location, attitude, and lifestyles, and then further segmented within each category.


Micro-segmentation is a step further from generic segmentation, allowing modern marketing professionals to make an effective marketing strategy. Customers are then split into even smaller specialty groups based on a variety of criteria, including behavioral traits.

It allows marketers to concentrate on a quite specific, focused persona that may be limited to only a few people. This becomes a micro-segment, and marketers may use high-precision predictive research to develop hyper-targeted ads that aim to meet extremely precise goals.

Micro-segmentation in marketing assists firms to analyze how buyers transition between groups over time. In addition, it also helps to enhance connections with customers through more personalized communications.

In the long run, this might include a 25-year-old woman’s expenditure as she transitions from graduate school to professional lifestyle to purchasing products and services for a family with kids. On the other hand in the short run, it could only entail keeping track of her seasonal purchases and expenditures.

A privacy policy is required if you gather data in any way. Moreover, if your privacy policy is found to be inefficient in safeguarding the data rights of your visitors, customers, or workers, you or your firm might face large penalties and perhaps legal action.

These Data Privacy Laws strengthen the data privacy act by adopting widely acknowledged worldwide concepts and standards for the protection of personal data. They protect every individual’s basic human right to privacy while maintaining the free flow of information necessary for innovation, progress, and national development.

2. Relevance, relevance, and relevance

A clever slogan or an attention-grabbing creative ad is no longer enough to make your business fruitful: you need to design one that communicates specifically to a certain population.


Emotions are unique to all of us. Relevant marketing helps intelligent businesses generate relevancy, promote loyalty, and eventually enhance their bottom line by utilizing that personal attachment.

Customers are more inclined to buy from companies who recognise their identity and purchasing history and then send them personalized messaging.

Here are several strategies for engaging customers with relevant content that will not go dull:

  • Examine how often you receive emails, and what are the specific queries that you receive from customers.
  • Make use of dynamic content based on customer segmentation, so that it stays relevant.
  • Create landing pages just for email campaigns to create a better funnel.
  • Create email courses based on the interests of your customers.
  • Transactional emails should be made more human, it will enable your customers to take action.
  • Examine how you handle customer service, conduct customer surveys and make decisions based on that.

3. Rely heavily on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing makes programmed selections based on data gathering, evaluation, and further observations of audience or economic patterns that may influence marketing strategies.


AI is frequently utilized in marketing campaigns when speed is important. AI technologies help to effectively interact with customers based on information and customer profiles.

It then offers them personalized messages at the correct moment without the need for marketing staff involvement, guaranteeing optimum productivity. AI is being utilized by many marketers today to supplement marketing teams or to handle more strategic jobs that require less human skill.

Marketers can collect and evaluate a large quantity of data from social media, emails, and the web quickly using AI marketing. They can then utilize the information to improve campaign effectiveness in a shorter period of time.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to alter the current marketing agency structure. Many occupations or tasks, especially those that can be readily mechanized, might be replaced. Tasks like ad scheduling optimization or email automation may be done by AI to some extent without the need for human interference.

4. Improve data insights through visualization


Data visualization which combines drawings, widgets, and text into visually appealing and easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and infographics, can help either way.

The above shown infographic on how to capture the ideal headshot, for example, is a good method to present crucial information in a digestible and entertaining style for a new freelancer.

Through the huge quantity of data, marketers can extract target buyers and prospects. Data-driven marketing also helps a firm increase its return on investment (ROI) and sales.

Data is becoming increasingly important to marketing companies, and this trend will continue for a long time. As a result, the companies’ marketing tactics, sales, and return on investment will improve. In order to have efficient results, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of what data visualization is and why it is important.

By placing data in a visual context, such as maps or charts, data visualisation helps us understand what it means. This makes the information more simple to understand for the human mind, making it simpler to see trends, patterns, and outliers in vast data sets.

5. Omnichannel personalization via email, text, phone, web, in-store never go out of style

Omnichannel marketing is a form of multichannel marketing that focuses on providing a consistent customer experience across all channels.


With omnichannel, there is real connectivity among channels, allowing customers to have a more engaged purchasing experience.

Through this way of shopping, for instance, a client may explore the store’s collection on their desktop. Buy the same product later via smartphone, and collect the item in a physical shop, all with convenience and clarity for both the customers and the business.

Businesses can deliver a unified, consistent buying experience throughout all of their retail channels by implementing an omnichannel strategy. Because omnichannel depends on a single, centralized database for all information.

Furthermore, you can obtain more customer data by retailing on several connected channels, which in turn allows you to provide a more personalized buying experience. You can watch your customers’ activity across different channels to figure out what they like as well as how to best offer them.

Omnichannel is a transitional phase of eCommerce that is already growing in popularity. Customers continue to seek stronger relationships with companies as well as the fast, efficient purchasing experience that omnichannel delivers. It should now be a key goal for every eCommerce business.

6. Focus on A/B testing

A/B testing, also defined as split testing, is a randomized experimental research process. In this process, two or more versions of a variable (homepage, page element, etc.) are being shown to various sections of online visitors. All at the same time to see which version has the greatest impact and drives the most business metrics. It will also help in growing business objectives.

Various viewers respond differently, and this is why A/B testing can be beneficial. A/B testing, on the other hand, can be complicated. If you’re not attentive, you could make erroneous assumptions about what people enjoy and what attracts them to click.

Based on what you want to test, A/B testing provides a lot of advantages for a marketing team. Above everything, these tests are beneficial to a company since they are low-cost yet high-reward.

7. Referrals

Referral marketing is a method used by businesses to incentivize existing customers to suggest their services or goods to others in their connection.


Referral marketing is the most cost-effective way for firms to expand their client base. It is a win-win situation for everybody: you receive free publicity for your business, and your current client gets praised for converting their network successfully.

Referrals and suggestions are not only beneficial but also necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd. Customers actively seek them out, and they might be the deciding factor among your and your competitor’s products or services.

A company’s success is largely dependent on its ability to provide outstanding customer service. It’s also the most effective approach to get referrals. Your commitment to your clients will ensure that they are satisfied with your service. Always be genuine and helpful in order to elevate their experience and inspire them to provide a good referral.

You may team up with other companies to advertise each other’s client bases. In turn for a commission from the recommended business, provide discounts or other incentives to customers from the referring company.

8. Personalized video marketing can do wonders

Personalized videos are an effective method to attract and retain the interest of your audience.


Everybody enjoys being treated as a unique individual. That is why you should include data such as your viewer’s name, company, or picture in a personalized video which will prove to be a great way to connect and please your audience.

You may create one-on-one interactions with viewers by personalizing videos, which can make them feel more enthusiastic about you and your product or service. By personalizing your video marketing statistics, you may increase the number of people who watch them.

For example, in the below mentioned personalized video Cadbury just took it a step further by including video into their personalization approach. Facebook followers were urged to create unique films for their loved ones. All that was required was for someone to register their name and upload a photo of a loved one. After that, the user may email their unique movie to anybody they choose.

Cadbury GLOW | George Young’s personalised video 

Let’s check some more of the most significant advantages of generating personalized video content:

  • Increase the number of people who click through to your website.
  • Boost participation.
  • Develop a relationship with your customers based on trust.
  • Increase the number of people who open their emails.
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ requirements.

9. Use tools to track progress

Using personalization tools is seen as a vital strategy for current and future success by 89% of businesses.

Marketing tools to track your company’s success let you organize your workflows, interact with your workforce, and administer your tasks all in one place.

A marketing team might benefit from such tools that can assist them in such a thorough way. For instance, keeping everyone on the same page and keeping track of updated information and customer relationships.

The main aim will be to keep your team coherent and to collaborate in a well-organized environment.

A. Data Analytics Platform

A data analytics platform is a must-have for any marketing department. Businesses create a wealth of data that holds important insights, and a data analytics platform is a key that unlocks them. 

Data analytics platforms may assist a company in a variety of ways, from customizing a marketing pitch for a specific consumer to recognizing and managing business hazards.

For example, Cloudera’s Data Warehouse can manage data such as machine logs, text, and more, regularly stores more than 50 petabytes for clients. Cloudera DataFlow, formerly Hortonworks DataFlow, analyses and prioritises data in real time.

B. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

CRM helps companies become more productive by organizing and automating key elements of their operations. CRM automates and simplifies a variety of company activities, including sales, marketing strategies, business analytics, and customer data. The best customer service software automates and simplifies a variety of company activities, including sales, marketing strategies, business analytics, and customer data.

C. Data Management Platform

Data management platforms help to reduce the risk of mistakes by creating processes and standards for data usage, as well as building trust in the data being used to make choices throughout your business. Companies can respond more quickly to market developments and consumer requirements if they have access to trustworthy, and up-to-date data.

10. Never compromise on clarity & simplicity

Simplicity and clarity convey a compelling narrative in both style and message.


It implies that you are aware of who you are and what you do, as well as who your consumers are and what is essential to them. It also demonstrates your personal confidence in your ability to achieve results, as well as inspiring confidence in others.

Eliminating processes, simplifying language, and employing understandable images are all examples of simplicity. Brands that flourish because of their simplicity recognise that everything must operate in unison, simply and flawlessly.

For example, Apple is a company that embodies this philosophy. The devices are not only attractive. But they are also simple to learn and operate right out of the box.

Wrapping Up

Successful execution starts small, but the outcomes have a huge impact and continue to grow as marketing, sales, and customer service all contribute. You will discover new and exciting methods to provide your valued customers even better experiences as you build new tactics to personalize your business.

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