Embedded quizzes and surveys

The best way to discover what your customers really think and feel is to ask them while they’re “in the moment”. Our quiz maker software lets you create a short URL that can be integrated wherever you’d like it to be.

Only, when your customers are using an app, you don’t really want to see them leave that app to answer a couple of questions about it. Right? That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands and write the code that enables you to embed a survey or quiz into your native apps.

No browser that pops up in your app, no URL that needs to be clicked. The touch interface of the tool and design-possibilities allow you to create a quiz that seamlessly integrates into your app. A user won’t even notice it’s embedded.Embedded quizzes and surveys

  • Find out what users think of your product or app – IN the app
  • Get “in the moment”-feedback
  • In-app messages to invite your users to take the quiz & keep them posted on new challenges
  • Add a bit of fun & increase the engagement with your product/brand
  • Change up the questions as much as you like, without having to update your app


Quite a few benefits, it’s easy AND your IT-department can simply use the technical info below.
Give it a try!


Let’s get started

The first step is, of course, to create your survey through the Survey Anyplace-application. Once you have the survey URL (eg surveyanyplace.com/s/start), start Xcode. For this tutorial we’ll be working with Swift, the modern programming language Apple released June 2014. All we’re going to do is create a WKWebView to load the Survey Anyplace URL.

To all you Android users out there, you can make use of Google’s WebView tutorial.

Using custom fields to send data to the survey
Now that you have a survey in your native app, you could, for instance, send push notifications to your users for completing new surveys.

  1. Create a Single Page View Application project with Swift as project language
  2. Open the view controller and add “import Webkit” (just beneath UIKit statement) to use the WKWebView class.
  3. Now we need to make a variable which contains the WKWebView, add “var webView: WKWebView?” under the containerView declaration.
  4. Override the default loadView to have our webView instantiated:
    override func loadView() {
            self.webView = WKWebView()
            self.view = self.webView!
  5. The final step already! Let’s load our survey:
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        var url = NSURL(string:"http://surveyanyplace.com/s/start")
        var req = NSURLRequest(URL:url)

    This is the fun step where the magic happens. You could also pass a variable to your survey (eg username) by using custom fields in the URL. Nifty!


That’s it, 5 steps, even less minutes and your app has got surveys, quizzes, polls, etc.
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