How to unbore the common survey in 6 steps

It’s summertime, the weather is fine and we’d rather be screaming our hearts out in a brand new, mega scary roller coaster than sitting in front of our computer screens. The thrill of the fall, the butterflies, the genuine fear of losing one shoe along the way …

And we know very well that our respondents would also rather have their head in the clouds and their shoes laced on tight.

The current mood for respondents in Surveyland?

Not too thrilling…

How do we get them to take our survey and have it result in qualitative, finished answers?
By giving them the thrill of the ride, and here’s how in our 6 step guide on how to unbore the common survey:

1. Stay in the micro-moment, short and simple

“Why would they call me at home for this?”, “An email survey? That event was a week ago.” …  Surveys are too intrusive for our modern way of interacting. And frankly, they take up too much of our time.

If your respondent can’t tweet or share it immediately, the micro-moment (read this, it’s great!) is gone and so are the first impressions and feelings.

Really need feedback? Ask for it straight away, on mobile. And keep it short and witty.
Don’t bother your respondents afterwards, with questions they no longer want to think about.

2. If you go mobile, do it all the way

Again, if your respondent can’t tweet or share it right then and there, what’s the use of going mobile? Remember that smartphones aren’t used to read mile-long texts and press endless next-buttons. (Unless maybe you are on your bathroom break…)

Make your questions to the point and try to incorporate mobile features:

  • Swipe for next questions
  • Drag & drop
  • Draw on your screen
  • Let respondents answer with pictures
  • Make it shareable (a perfect way to grow your army of brand ambassadors)

3. Make sure it looks good 

Like every other form of communication you send out, your surveys are best styled to perfectly match the overall look of your brand.

In the Survey Anyplace-tool for example, we’ve got this smart, little feature that helps you set the right colors for your layout. All you need is to upload your company logo and our feature grabs the colors connected to your branding.

Survey tool

We already know we shouldn’t underestimate the power of design. So why would we forget about that information when it comes to creating surveys? Just let your brand be its own pretty self.

4. It’s always a two-way street

Talk to your respondents, let them know what they’re helping with.
And leave room for an opinion so they can express what they really feel like.

A survey that feels more ‘conversational’ will help you increase your response rate and will leave your respondents feeling more like a contributor to your brand.

For a few quick tips on making your surveys more conversational, have a look here.

5. Pop quiz! (the fun kind)

Answering a lot of questions can be a drag. We always advise limiting the number of questions to no more than 5. But if you see no other option and need to add more, make sure there’s a bit of variation.

Add a quiz-question into your survey. It will challenge your respondents and give them something to look forward to: the answer and a good (or bad) grade. Maybe even a reward?


6. Good jobs should be rewarded! 

There are many easy and costless ways to give something in return for valuable input. It’s a great way to make your respondents feel valued.

Ross Geller clapping

  • Give back information: What is the survey for, did you know this about our brand, what will happen with the results, … And if those results are out, share them!
  • Special benefits work like a charm. But instead of promising a coupon at the end of the survey, make it a little more exciting. By adding a digital scratch card for example, or having a price draw that’s interactive, …
  • Respondents already have some sort of connection with your brand. Reward them with fun or exclusive content via an e-book they can download after the survey is completed?

That’s all it takes

Unboring your surveys is almost becoming the rule to capture your respondents. But most of all we should look at it as a great opportunity to give respondents a little something extra, a fun experience. It will help to solidify what your brand stands for.

And as an added bonus, your respondents won’t mind participating in new questions next time either.
It’s all in the user experience, the thrill of the ride, but you already knew that of course.

Have a shot at it today!

Survey Anyplace has some great features at the ready to make your survey go whooooosh! Sign up here for free.
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