One of Australia’s Top 10 Retailers uses Gamified Learning to increase NPS [Case Study]

Have you ever read to the end of a page and can’t remember what you just read?

That’s often the challenge with digital learning – people forget what they learned. Kelly Vogler from one of Australia’s Top 10 Retailers needed to develop training that people remembered and consequently had a measurable impact on behaviour.

Using Survey Anyplace meant Kelly could use Gamification and Bite-Sized learning in line with Adult Learning Principles to create a measurable impact on performance with learning campaigns. One product knowledge campaign resulted in an increase of over 6% for the product. This approach helped them increase their NPS (or “Net Promoter Score”. The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to +100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others) with 6 points.

Six percent might not sound like a lot, but surprisingly the increase was in the period leading into Christmas, where you could expect NPS to go down, as people tend to be a bit more rushed and irritable. 

Here’s how she did it. 

Who is Kelly Vogler and what’s her role?

Kelly Vogler

Kelly Vogler is a Learning Solutions Specialist, specializing in digital solutions. She’s part of a two-person team to develop online learning solutions for one of Australia’s Top 10 Retailers. She has a special interest in measuring impact on customer experience and business performance as a result of learning.

What was the challenge?

Kelly’s goal was to make learning more in line with ‘adult learning principles’ in order to drive retention and behavioral change. She needed to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the time spent learning.

On top of that, they wanted to add a gamification element to their training as every team loves a bit of healthy competition to motivate people to outperform their colleagues. 

Gamified Learning Example

How did Survey Anyplace help with reaching their goals?

Kelly: “The main driver to look for another tool was gamification.

The authoring tools we normally use are capable of displaying leaderboards but it’s a time consuming and intricate process to develop them. Survey Anyplace has the features we wanted already built in. It was great for rapid development.

Previously, to put the same training campaign together that I built in Survey Anyplace, it would take us about two months. In Survey Anyplace, once we had the gamified learning content, we could put it together in half a day and the leaderboard made it easier to get people engaged.

The campaign feature and ability to rapidly develop meant we could develop multiple short quizzes as part of a campaign. That short and sharp style of learning combined with instant feedback to learners for incorrect choices meant the retention and application of learning was much higher.

The tool was also really cost-effective, so we could trial Survey Anyplace and see what the results of the campaigns were without investing lots of money or needing approvals for a big spend.”

What were the key features to go for Survey Anyplace?

Kelly: “I built 5 prototypes of the gamified learning style we were aiming for in different authoring tools

Survey Anyplace was the most visually appealing, customizable, easy to work with, easy to access and learn from. It had the most personalization with the least manual data manipulation. It was one of the most cost-effective tools and it had the best customer support.

Survey Anyplace’s gamification features like the leaderboard, which allowed instant respondent comparison, and the scratchcard to spice things up were a great addition to improve learning through engagement among participants.

The use of question logic allowed us to build gamified learning quizzes where a team member only had to view content relating to questions they answered incorrectly, thus avoiding the traditional text heavy compliance style type of eLearning module.”

What results did they achieve so far?

Kelly has been using Survey Anyplace for training for about 6 months. In that time period, we’ve seen:

  • Qualitative feedback indicates that 93% of learners rate the learning as effective or very effective at increasing knowledge, 92% are more confident selling the product and 100% rated the campaign as interesting or engaging. 
  • A six percent improvement in NPS on the product in the campaign
  • NPS is very important – we measure it to see if someone would recommend a company to others (indicator if someone is likely to advocate for them, buy cross-sale products, spend more on them, etc.).
  • The tool has resulted in significantly reduced learning time. Time spent learning was considered a cost for the organisation.

What will the future bring?

Kelly: “We will keep using Survey Anyplace – it’s been terrific. We are using it more and more instead of a traditional eLearning authoring tool. I’ve even started using it for the contract work I do outside of the organisation.”

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