Automatically Create Personalized Assessment Reports Via WebMerge

Striking up conversations with your audience has never been easier, right?

There’s no lack of tools or channels to engage with your audience. But no matter which medium you choose, it’s often a challenge to provide added value to your audience.

Assessments and quizzes are a great way of building new content that is highly interactive AND that provides extra value for your audience:

  • You get to learn something about your audience
  • Respondents learn something about you
  • And respondents learn something about themselves.

This type of content can guide prospects through an interactive funnel towards the right product or service and they work well to generate leads.

While this is a great start, there is more that you can give in return to increase the value of your content. Make sure that the end of the assessment is not the end of the conversation!

Something that works really well is to auto-email a branded and personalized PDF report or certificate, based on the answers that people gave.

Such a personalized assessment report with recommendations, that feels like it was written by a consultant, really gives the content a high perceived value.

Creating and automatically sending such PDF reports can easily be achieved through a tool such as WebMerge. Via the Zapier integration in Survey Anyplace, you can set up an automatic PDF in minutes!

In this article you’ll learn how to connect an assessment like this one:

to WebMerge, so that you can generate and automatically send a PDF certificate, based on the results of a respondent. Which could look, for example, like this:

Prepare your assessment and PDF report template

1. Create the assessment

The easiest way to get started is to create your entire assessment the way you like it, the URL of this questionnaire will be the identifier with which you can set up your “Zap” later on.

We’ll skip the basics of creating the assessment for this article. Of course, you can always take a look at the “create an assessment” user guide. Or draw some inspiration from these assessment examples and templates.

Just keep in mind that, in your assessment, you’ll need to include a couple of form questions where you gather personal data such as the email address and name of the respondent. Make sure to add any identifiers that you’ll need to generate and send the personalized PDF.

As soon as you have your questionnaire set up and ready to go, you can activate Zapier within the Survey Anyplace tool under the “Extra options” section.

assessment report

You’ll notice that the WebMerge template is already in there, waiting to be clicked!

Tip: Make sure that you have one (test-) response ready for the entire questionnaire, because Zapier will ask you for that in a bit. Meet my trusty test-respondent: John Smith.

2. Create your “Merge”

Creating your account in WebMerge is incredibly easy. Their free plan allows you to trial for a while, create some actual PDF documents and send them, which is perfect to get to know the setup before you make the purchase.

As soon as your account is set up, you’ll have to select the type of file you wish to create. In this case we’ll be making use of a PDF template for a certificate. (You can choose anything from a report to an invoice to a coupon… Or create and upload your own custom-made document.)

personalized pdf

While you’re setting up your assessment report you can customize your settings and deliver email to personalize what your respondent will get.

In this case, I wanted my John Smith to receive his certificate as a PDF in the attachment of a personalized email, sent from my own email address and I want the PDF template to get his name.

assessment report

That’s it for the preparations!
Don’t worry, I know this was a lot of work already, but this was the part that takes up most of your time.

Setting up the actual Zap to connect the two tools can be done in minutes.

Setting up your Zap

If you activated the Zap template for WebMerge via Survey Anyplace, a popup should have appeared to set up your Zap already. If you haven’t yet, you can also click on the Zap Template here to get started.

Selecting the trigger is a piece of cake: “A new survey response” is all you need. 😉

Next, you’ll need to connect the right questionnaire. Remember I told you that the URL would become the identifier for Zapier? Well here you go.

personalized pdfTip: Your assessment isn’t appearing in this list? Make sure that you’ve activated Zapier within Survey Anyplace and hit “Save” one more time. Then try reloading the Zapier popup.

Zapier easily guides you through the setup for both sides of the integration. Once you’re finished with connecting Survey Anyplace, the WebMerge part of the deal works very much the same:

Is Zapier asking you for API access for either one of the two tools? Via Survey Anyplace you can find this under your account in the top right corner. For WebMerge, this is how to go about it:

Clicking the button in WebMerge will generate you two API codes, one regular key and one secret one. Simply copy paste them into the Zapier window and you’re all set.

The next step takes a bit of scrolling and looking around. Select the right WebMerge document and be sure to open the “extra options” section. The responses that you collect with your assessment will all be visible as possible variables to add to your document. So, scroll down a bit and make sure you select the right identifiers you need to create a completed PDF certificate.

assessment report

Zapier will allow you to send yourself a test as soon as you’re done with this step, that’ll indicate if something went wrong in indicating which variables should be included.
Zapier is incredibly fast in connecting the two tools and making sure the test email lands in your mailbox after just a few seconds.

All that’s left for you to do is to activate your Zap.
And you’re done!

The results

What can you expect in your mailbox after these steps?
Or, more importantly (!), what can your respondents expect after taking your very own assessment?

This is what my automated email to John Smith looks like:

And his personalized pdf certificate can be found in the attachment of the message.

Connecting WebMerge with Survey Anyplace is so useful because it allows you to:

  • Open up a window to stay in touch with your respondents and strike up a conversation about their results.
  • Provide added value to your online content.
  • Generate leads in a more natural and engaging way than a regular contact form would.

About WebMerge

WebMerge is an online platform that allows you to easily collect data, populate a document and send it to any contact automatically. They provide you with flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit to your business needs.

About Survey Anyplace

With a survey maker like Survey Anyplace you can say goodbye to boring surveys. The questionnaire tool allows you to build interactive, enticing surveys, quizzes and assessments or forms that will get you better data in return.

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