How to Implement Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

How to Implement Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

Are you thinking of adding quizzes in your marketing strategy, but don’t know if they are worth it? Quizzes have always been very popular in print media and on the web because the average consumer enjoys seeing the result they get in the end.

Moreover, the average quiz gets over 1900 shares, which means implementing quizzes in your marketing strategy is helpful to generate more sales. Nowadays, more and more companies like Buzzfeed, The Elephant Pants, SuperiorPapers, Cloud Sherpas include quizzes in their marketing strategy quite successfully.

BuzzSumo did a study with over 100-million social media shares over an eight month period in 2015 and found that out of the top ten most shared articles eight of them included quizzes. In addition, the top three quizzes got more than 1 million shares in a time frame of 10 months, which means if you can scale them your business will get more exposure to the world.

More and more brands are using quizzes for this very reason that people love to share and compare the results when they participate in quizzes.

The ingredients of a successful quiz

Consider getting various e-books, which offers business strategies and how to implement quizzes in your business plan. Or you can just check our short list of tips:

  • Content: When creating the quiz, carefully consider what your audience wants. Make it as relevant to your topic as you can. There is no need to talk about agriculture if you’re working in the MMO niche. When developing your thoughts try to put yourself in the customer’s position. What would they want? A great example is Cloud Sherpa’s quiz. Boring for most, but perfect for their target audience.
    Quizzes in marketing - Example 1
  • Make it long-term: It’s very important to base your business on an evergreen topic because that way your business will never die out. A lot of entrepreneurs pick niches that will die out in years to come, which is not wise to do if you want to make money long-term. Check this non-profit quiz.

Quizzes in marketing - Example 2

  • Educational: Make the quiz interesting and fun to complete. This is the best way to get more shares and sales. Nobody is going to want to complete your quiz if they find it bland and boring. Furthermore, satisfy the reader’s curiosity by letting them learn something new since this will get them to engage more of your content. For example this career quiz.

Quizzes in marketing - Example 3

  • Make it easy to share: To get more people sharing your quiz, add little hints here and there. For example when they complete the quiz ask them to share it, even provide them with a link. However, don’t be spammy, nobody likes it when you spam the page with links and texts asking to share.
  • Grab the reader’s attention: The average person on the internet has a very short attention span, which is why you must grab your reader’s attention ASAP. Just by adding a question in the title of your quiz, people will be more intrigued to complete it. Like Marketo did:
  • Images: Quizzes with images grab people’s attention more easily, thus leading to increased levels of conversion. Include pictures that accurately describe your quiz, because if you trick your customers it will only lead to fewer shares. Also, make sure that you can use the pictures legally, otherwise you might get into trouble. Check this gorgeous Downton Abbey quiz:

Quizzes in marketing - Example 5

  • Playful writing: Nobody wants to read boring bland texts when answering quiz questions. This is why you should have a playful writing style. A good tip to follow is to avoid being serious and include snarky stuff. This is what Discover did with his quiz for home buyers.

Quizzes in marketing - Example 6

  • Make it short: To get better conversions make the quiz short, otherwise, people may lose interest and quit the quiz altogether. Also, make it easy to complete, don’t add very difficult questions. All that’s needed is for them to answer a couple of basic questions and direct them to a sales or subscription page.

Quizzes in marketing - Example 7

  • The outcome should be positive: Never make the outcome of your quiz negative as it will discourage people to complete quizzes you might be running in the future. Also, just by making it positive you are going to get more shares.
  • Know your audience: Try to relate to your audience on a personal level, as doing this forms a trustworthy bond. Companies with customers that trust them are more likely to purchase products and continue purchasing in the future. For example, EMC engaged B2B buyers with a personality assessment about technology adoption.
  • Traffic: Quizzes help get more exposure to your website since people love to share quizzes they have completed. Most business owners overlook this as a business opportunity and ignore it, thus missing out on potential clients.
  • Leads: You can generate hot leads by using quizzes because people who interact with your quiz are likely to share it leading to more people viewing your products. This can lead to a snowball effect, the more shares you get the bigger your business will grow.
  • Collect data: Most companies make polls on social media asking for what things they might enjoy. However, you can do the same with quizzes, plus you can offer products when completed.
  • Increase sales: The biggest problem businesses face is offering products to the wrong people. A good example would be selling a beginners fitness e-book to a veteran personal trainer. Once you get data on your potential customer you can offer personalized products, increasing sales exponentially. Check out Elephant Pants success. They not only fund their campaign on Kickstarter but got sold out.

Quizzes in marketing - Example 9

Best channels for quizzes

  • Your blog: If you have a well-established blog use it to your advantage by sending people to complete your quiz, which many online entrepreneurs do. However, if you don’t get a lot of traffic to your blog you can pay blog sites to share your quiz, which will lead to more exposure.
  • Email: Sending out a newsletter to your fans is a brilliant way to get more conversions because they already trust your brand. Having an email list with loyal fans is the easiest way to make sales, but make sure to keep your quiz relevant to your list.
  • Paid media: Paying for advertisements is also a great way to get many opt-ins, which can cost you as little as 50 cents per click. The majority of online business owners say that Facebook advertising is the best method to use.
  • Facebook and Twitter: Having a fan base on the more popular social media sites is going to help you begin the snowball process. Once you send out the link to all your subscribers you will get more shares, thus more sales.


Tools to create quizzes

There are many tools online that you can use, but here are the top 4. They offer free trials for beginners, which is great because you can test out what service best suits you. However, you could use the completely free services, but they often don’t provide a service as good as the ones listed below.


  • Surveyanyplace: My go-to tool for quizzes. Easy to use and efficient, with free quiz software.
  • Interact: A platform to produce custom quizzes. Has monthly plans.
  • Riddle: The first mobile platform to create quizzes, polls, lists, personality tests. Free and paid monthly plans.
  • Playbuzz: A free platform that can help marketers create a wide variety of interactive content.



To get more leads make your quiz short and enjoyable to complete, but make it educational at the same time. Also, try to use advertisements to attract more customers, which you can do at an inexpensive price. In addition, you want to set yourself up with well-known quiz hosting sites, because they offer better services.

About the author: Brenda Savoie is a content marketer, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romance novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her blog BestwritingClues. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.






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