Brand Awareness Surveys

As an entrepreneur, business owner or marketer, you will want to know how popular your brand is with consumers. This brand awareness survey template will help you to:

brand awareness survey

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Tips For Building Effective Brand Awareness Surveys

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The Benefits of Measuring Brand Awareness

6 Brand Awareness Measurements You Must Consider

Brand Awareness Questionnaire Format

As can be seen in the above sample, a brand awareness questionnaire is advised to include the following elements:

This questionnaire will help you answer questions like: “Do people name your brand when you ask them about a specific product or service category?” and “Where have people seen your advertisements?”. It is also important that when writing a text-choice question, you do not force the person to choose one of your pre-set answers. So be sure to include an “other: please specify” option. This way you will alos likely gain new insights into how your customers really feel.

Brand Awareness Survey Sample

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