Building Effective Brand Awareness Surveys

Brand awareness keeps you competitive in a crowded market. It’s how your audience remembers and distinguishes you, but it’s difficult to analyze and develop. Here’s why you should use Brand Awareness surveys & start measuring:

  • Spot trends and opportunities and work on positive associations with your brand.
  • Spot the difference between theory and reality when it comes to customer perceptions of your brand.
  • Use such surveys to calculate the effectiveness and performance of certain activities for more efficient marketing

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The Benefits of Measuring Brand Awareness

  • Gain insights into what your audience is thinking with honest and prompt responses.
  • All the survey responses in the world aren’t much use if they aren’t honest or accurate. Using a survey tool avoids the classic problem of people not being fully truthful when answering questions face-to-face.
  • Calculate ROI over time to better allocate resources.
  • Your strategies may be working well, but if they’re doing so at too high a cost, you still need to re-evaluate. Using surveys to calculate the effectiveness and performance of your activities translates into smarter and more efficient marketing.
  • Spot trends and opportunities by easily comparing data.
  • Sometimes the best opportunities are right under your nose. Perhaps your customers have begun associating your brand with something like safety, or perhaps even a factor you hadn’t considered. Spotting that association means you can jump on the opportunity.
  • Spot the difference between theory and reality when it comes to customer perceptions of your brand.
  • You may think you’re building a particular type of brand awareness, but knowing when you’re wrong is important. Use surveys to get to your audience’s genuine feelings about your brand.

6 Brand Awareness Measurements You Must Consider

Brand awareness isn’t a single metric. You have to break it down into its components to get the best understanding of where you stand with your audience.

Brand Recall

Can your audience remember your brand and information about it from memory? This can be measured with cold questions asking your audience to think about brands associated with your industry, product or service.

Brand Recall

Brand Recognition

Does your audience recognize your brand when they see it? This can be your specific product or your company’s logo.

Brand Recognition

Brand Identity

What does your audience think about your brand’s logo and other visual elements? What associations and emotions do they convey? This is harder to measure as it incorporates many aspects of a single brand, but understanding how your audience feels about those elements together is important for crafting a great overall brand identity.

Brand Identity

Brand Image

When your brand identity is distilled into its most basic form, what is the general impression your brand creates for your audience? Usually, open-ended questions prompting members of your audience to write down associated words work best here.

Brand Image

Brand Trust

Is your brand considered trustworthy? This is particularly important to measure and understand in case a crisis arises and brand trust needs to be rebuilt, so it’s vital to establish a baseline.

Brand Trust

Brand Loyalty

Does your brand inspire loyalty? Does it help retain customers by being memorable and evoking positive emotions? While loyalty numbers can be established with consumer data, understanding what features of a brand inspire that loyalty requires targeted survey questions.

Brand Loyalty

Craft Aided and Unaided Brand Awareness Surveys

Getting a full picture of your brand awareness requires a multi-pronged effort. That requires using a combination of aided and unaided brand awareness surveys. So what does that mean?

Aided Brand Recognition Survey Questions

These surveys measure brand recognition by first showing a brand or product before asking questions about it. This also generally allows you to compare yourself to your competitors, even for members of your audience who may not be familiar with your brand. For example, a survey may ask:

Aided Brand Recognition Survey

Unaided Brand Recognition Survey Questions

As its name implies, an unaided brand recognition survey question will ask the responder to produce information about brands without any prompting. That means they won’t be exposed to any brand names or products beforehand. These questions are usually designed to test whether or not a responder is familiar with your brand.

Unaided Brand Recognition Survey

Tips For Building Effective Brand Awareness Surveys

  • Avoid commercial messages. The purpose of a brand awareness survey is to gain information from the responder, not convert them into a customer. Incorporating commercial messages can skew your results and harm the validity of your data.
  • Use a combination of questions. When it comes to brand awareness surveys, you want both quantity and variety of data. That requires asking a variety of different kinds of questions.
  • It’s also extremely important to craft your questions scientifically. That requires being careful to avoid leading questions, which may push responders to answer the way you want them to, but result in inaccurate results. Remember, you’re doing research and not trying to sell anything.

New Generation Brand Awareness Survey Tool

Today’s online survey tools mark a new era in measuring brand awareness. Previously, we saw such surveys being conducted in print, in person, or over the telephone. Here’s what the state-of-the-art tool by Survey Anyplace have to offer:

  • Convenience. Our surveys can be taken online, or offline with any device. That means higher response rates and better data.
  • Lower cost. Being able to easily create surveys with our platform before making changes whenever needed means lower production costs and greater agility.
  • Scale. Powerful hosting service along with flexible software means creating a survey for 1, 000 is as easy as creating one for 10.
  • Faster feedback. Instant results allow you to quickly analyze the data you’ve collected and move on to your next step.

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