Career Assessment

The career assessment provides insight into respondents’ personality traits, interests and strengths to pinpoint various career options in which they would find satisfaction and value.

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Career Assessment

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What is a Career Assessment?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you feeling unsatisfied with your current position? Careers aren’t set in stone, and it’s never too late to pursue a new one. However, as with most big transitions, this change can feel overwhelming and downright confusing. Have you ever pictured yourself in a different role? How do you know what you want to become? What if you leave your job and move into a position that you like even less?

Whether you are trying to figure out which major to pursue in university or want to change your professional track, a career assessment will help you ease these worries and more easily make the transition. These assessments analyze respondents’ skills, interests and strengths and provides a list of careers most closely aligned with that information. Use these assessments to learn more about yourself in the present, so you can create the future you deserve.

Why use Survey Anyplace as a
Career Assessment Tool?

survey reporting
Personalized PDF Reports

Help respondents fully understand their strengths, interests and personalities and how these traits translate into a career with Survey Anyplace’s personalized PDF report, you can alternate between solid and variable text, graphs and images, based on each individual’s answers

StrengthsFinder Quiz Assessment Components
Serious Set-Up Functionalities

Take outcomes. This feature allows you to show different final screens depending on how respondents answered the assessment. Create a number of different final screens to be shown in different scenarios. You could give specific advice if respondents chose a lot of incorrect answers, or some insight if it’s a personality assessment.

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White Label Option

You want your assessment to reflect your business, so make it your own with Survey Anyplace’s White Label option, which removes our branding on your questionnaires.

Intelligent Integrations

Connect all your apps with Zapier, which enables your respondents to share personalized Outcomes on social media.

Career Assessment Questions

Career Assessment

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