Consumers scanned the QR code or entered the URL into their mobile’s browser to get instant access to the survey. In a few swipes, they’d answered the questions and even uploaded pictures of how they use the mini marshmallows.
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Key facts

  • 2.2% Response Rate (number of responses divided by number of packs shipped)
  • Custom branded survey look
  • 97% of respondents leave email address, 10% take picture
  • No apps for respondents to install

The surprising part was that 97% of respondents provided an email address, and 10% took photos of how they consume the product, which they shared with Astra Sweets. This instant brand community consists of loyal customers interested in having Astra contact them about their experience with its products.

Here's how they did it in 4 simple steps:

1. Built a mobile survey

Astra built an entertaining 4-question mobile survey, using the Survey Anyplace platform.
They automatically branded the survey by uploading the Frisia logo, and chose an option that allowed customers to submit photos as an answer to one of the questions. Survey Anyplace generated a unique QR code and URL linked directly to the survey.frisia_survey


2. Added a promotion to product packaging

Getting their survey’s QR code and URL onto already printed packages was a matter of printing them on inexpensive stickers. The sticker included an incentive to win a Marshmallows Super-Pack. The stickers were applied to 17, 000 boxes during the normal packaging process.

On pack promo


3. Collected feedback from consumers

Putting the survey’s QR code and URL on the box meant that customers would have the product with them as they took the mobile survey. With product in hand, customers give higher-quality feedback than when randomly surveyed via email days or weeks after interacting with the brand. Asking for specific uses of the product, and letting people take photos of those uses gave Astra qualitative insights they couldn’t have collected with other survey methods.


4. Followed up

As a result of the survey, Astra had the emails of 97% of the respondents, and permission to contact them, making it possible to take the brand community forward:

  • Instant thank you for respondent at end of mobile survey
  • Winners email asking for their mailing address to send the super pack
  • A planned, ongoing dialog, an invitation to take a factory tour and other future offers

Frisia community campaign

Creating a brand community isn't complicated or expensive

Astra’s planning, resourcefulness and creativity helped them establish a strong foundation of loyal users.

Moreover, they collected unprecedented insights from inside of their customers’ homes that:

  • Created an ongoing dialog with the brand community
  • Revealed packaging graphic improvement
  • Sparked new product ideas
  • Created goodwill among these new brand ambassadors

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“We’ve gotten insights that are impossible to get with online or other survey methods.”

Author Eline Van MuilwijkMarketing Manager Frisia

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