CEOs at a BP forum gave their feedback after each workshop using stand-mounted iPads. They quickly rated presentations, the venue and the event in general.

Key facts

  • Sophisticated way to survey busy attendees
  • Higher quality feedback than follow-up emails
  • Quick and easy template-based survey design
  • Taking survey is intuitive using tablet or smartphone touchscreen
  • Event organizers have instant access to results
  • No apps for audience to install


Collecting audience feedback without imposing on the audience with mobile surveys

Audience feedback means collecting important information from attendees to an event. Getting CEOs’ opinions and input can be worth the cost of putting on the event itself. When IT rental company A&T introduced their client, British Petroleum, to the mobile Survey Anyplace tool, BP saw the potential immediately. With CEOs being present at the event, the logic behind collecting their feedback while they are there was obvious.

“We loaded the Survey Anyplace mobile survey onto four iPads at this exclusive event.” Says Leigh Simmons, General Manager of A&T. “Using sleek, modern technology like the iPads definitely sends the right signal to the CEO audience that you’re asking to take the survey. They felt it was a natural and efficient way to quickly give their feedback.” With a few clicks and swipes on the iPad’s touch screen, these business leaders gave event organizers valuable feedback about the quality and content of the workshops they’d just attended, which BP will use to make the event even more successful next year.

Collecting real-time information, as only mobile surveys can

Getting event audience feedback is a crucial step in successful event planning, and the practice isn’t new by any means. But the way this feedback is collected—and how readily event organizers can access it—has changed dramatically. Paper audience surveys must be deciphered and input into a CRM or other centralized system at a later date. Results from Survey Anyplace tablet and smartphone surveys are uploaded as soon as the person taking the survey finishes. Follow-up email surveys sent even a day or two later lack the depth and detail of a mobile survey taken while the audience is still at the event.

Create a custom mobile survey in minutes

Simmons explains that A&T has experience with developing expensive custom survey tools as well as with online and e-mail survey tools. “Survey Anyplace is positioned right in the middle.” Simmons says. “The survey and quiz feedback tool is effective and affordable. You create it entirely on the Survey Anyplace website in a matter of minutes, and you can make further changes on the fly. Survey Anyplace really makes everything as simple as possible.”

Collect better audience feedback, produce better events

Survey Anyplace mobile surveys can be built quickly and customized to each event. Attendees prefer interacting with intuitive touch screens of tablets, or using their personal tablet or smartphone. Audience feedback collected in the moment of an event is higher-quality, more valuable information. Instantly accessing automatically uploaded feedback results allows organizers to use this real-time feedback immediately, and for future events as well.

“You create the entire survey on the Survey Anyplace website in a matter of minutes, and can make further changes on the fly. The survey and quiz tool is effective and affordable. Survey Anyplace really makes everything as simple as possible.”

Leigh SimmonsGeneral Manager of A&T

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