Both the layout of the survey and the branded URL, add to the credibility of the survey. Making respondents more willing to give qualitative answers.

Key facts

  • Well suited for all kinds of clients and research
  • Increased credibility because of a branded URL
  • Great accessibility, for both respondents and researcher
  • Instant availability of data & immediate insights

A multi-disciplinary research tool to answer everyone’s needs

“Clients that come to us for strategy and implementation plans need all types of research. We guide them so they can make informed decisions on how to create greater value.” Explains Sandra Musengi-Ajulu, Dajo’s senior partner. Next to day-to-day general research, Dajo Associates uses the tool for impact studies, climate surveys in the workplace, value chain analyses and much more.

Both their government entities and private individual clients needed a tool that could add to their credibility while conducting research and that was highly accessible for all target audiences. The combination of a white label-function, available in a flexible and trustworthy tool, was a perfect solution.

White label surveys for added value & increased responses

When creating surveys or quizzes with Survey Anyplace, it’s possible to adapt the design completely. By uploading a company’s logo, adapting the color scheme to that of the brand and using the correct tone of voice, a solid brand recognition is created. But the white label functionality lifts this branding to a new level entirely, by providing a custom url.

“The ease and speed of the ability to create a survey and send it out is amazing. White label gives our clients that extra credibility.” Sandra mentions. Instead of working with the standard url that Survey Anyplace provides, Dajo Associates creates custom urls that only mention the name of the client. So the only source that a respondent sees, both in branding and in the url, is that of the client. It looks as if the company itself had built a custom survey.

This strong display of corporate identity results in a higher credibility towards respondents, which in return raises completion rates for that client.

Better results in less time

“Working with modern technologies is a way for the client of showing they are up to date. They love the interactive touch screens, the in the moment feedback and the higher quality in responses, ” shares Sandra. And she is glad that the cooperation with their clients has improved as well: “We can train our client to be more flexible and turn the creation of a survey into a highly interactive process.”

Dajo Associates can instantly access all feedback, as it is automatically uploaded. Generating reports from all that instant data? A piece of cake! They can use statistics to keep clients up to date on the completion rate, participation rate, response rate (any rate really), within minutes. This has made Dajo more efficient and it has reduced costs as projects can be turned around within shorter time frames. Finally, to top it off, it has resulted in more returning business for them as well. A White Label win!

“Both our clients and their respondents love the fact that they can see the corporate branding of the client. In small things like the logo and general design, but also in the URL. Thanks to White Labeling respondents really think the survey is coming from the organization, which increases the chance of people actually completing the survey itself.”

Sandra Musengi-AjuluSenior Partner at Dajo Associates

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