75 teams armed with iPads visited notable retail stores in three different cities. They submitted evaluations and photos of the venues which were automatically uploaded and presented at the end of the day.

Key facts

  • Each survey has its own 100% branded look
  • Quick and easy template-based survey design
  • No apps to install
  • Responses transmitted in real-time

A one-day, three-city mobile event that everyone learned from

A mobile event can be an option even for very large groups of attendees. When AB InBev’s premium beer brand Hertog Jan got a group of their most important customers together—250 pub, hotel and restaurant owners—they wanted to impart to these “Friends of Hertog Jan” what constitutes an appealing retail experience.

But instead of putting them all in a room and lecturing to them, their agency, Amsterdam-based Daily Bread, teamed up with Survey Anyplace for a more novel, more valuable, decidedly mobile experience. Seventy-five groups of 3-4 people were formed at the event and sent out to three different cities to not only expose each group to great examples of appealing retail venues, but to get the groups’ feedback… as they were experiencing notable retail stores.

Survey Anyplace delivered in-the-moment feedback from 250 not-in-the-same-city people.

“For the highest quality feedback, ” said Rene Spaan, Creative Director at Daily Bread, “we needed these 75 groups’ input while they were standing in front of retail stores that appealed to them. Waiting until the end of a long day to get their input, ” Spaan continues, “would definitely not have yielded the quality and depth of the insights our client was looking for.”

The agency decided to equip each team with a mobile device—an iPad outfitted with a 3G data card—and Survey Anyplace’s mobile surveying tool, “which, ” adds Spaan, “doesn’t require installing an app onto 75 iPads, whichwas very attractive to us”

100% Hertog Jan branded experience.

Survey Anyplace also allowed the mobile survey used to collect the groups’ input to be totally Hertog Jan branded. “Branding the survey for our client was very important, ” add Spaan. “Survey Anyplace’s online templates easily integrated the Hertog Jan logo and a background photo, for a very customized look, ” he continues.

Daily Bread also set up 75 different email addresses just for the event, one for each group to use to send back photographs the groups were asked to take with their iPads showing examples of aesthetically pleasing retail venues.

Pulling it all together.

During the event itself, a 7-person team manned seven laptops back at the hotel where the event started, and where the final presentation would take place. Because the Survey Anyplace mobile survey responses were transmitted in real time, they could be put into an Excel spreadsheet to make searching and categorizing the responses more efficient. And efficiency was critical, as the team was still receiving responses less than thirty minutes before the last group returned to the hotel for the conclusion of the mobile event.

Another team member pulled more than 450 photographs sent in via email, and incorporated them into a video loop that was played throughout the final presentation of the event.

Being able to collect personal, qualitative insights from 75 different mobile sources, between breakfast and dinner, is invaluable not only to Hertog Jan, but to their important resellers. This impressive collection of user-generated, in-the-moment data was posted online the night of the event, so these business owners could access it and immediately begin implementing improvements to the retail experience they present to their customers.

Hours, not months, for a memorable, successful mobile event

Without Survey Anyplace, and some creative solutions and impeccable planning, this kind of information could take months to collect.

Survey Anyplace streamlined the effort, because there were no apps to install on the 75 iPads. Participants gave their feedback while they were experiencing an impressive retail venue, not hours or days later.

And Hertog Jan’s brand was the only brand these stakeholders experienced on the iPads.

It’s no wonder a follow up effort is already in the works. “Survey Anyplace was absolutely key in making this successful learning event happen. They were not only accommodating, but anticipated what we needed, ” adds Spaan. “We look forward to working with Survey Anyplace again and again in the future.”


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“We needed these 75 groups’ input while they were standing in front of retail stores that appealed to them. Waiting until the end of a long day to get their input would definitely not have yielded the quality and depth of the insights our client was looking for.”

Rene SpaanCreative director at Daily Bread

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