An exhibitor at a dental industry show collected leads with an iPad-based interactive contest. In this way, the exhibitor collected more leads, more efficiently, with less effort.

Key facts

  • Streamlines sales lead data collection
  • Engaged booth visitors
  • Mobile device lowers resistance to give personal info
  • Contact information uploaded automatically
  • Totally brandable look
  • Quick and easy template-based quiz design

3 iPads. 3 Days. 240 leads.

Mobile lead generation through iPads is a modern approach to collect prospects’ contact information and purchase intentions to pass on to your sales force. A proven way of doing this at events is to invite event attendees to enter a contest with the promise of winning something valuable. But dropping a business card into a fishbowl, or writing your personal information on a paper entry form has never been very appealing.

DentWise wanted to add a layer of interest to the already interesting technology they were displaying at Europe’s most prominent dental industry exhibition. They did just that with a creative contest — and used the mobile Survey Anyplace tool as an equally creative way to encourage visitors to enter, and collect important lead information.

Showcasing technology, with technology

DentWise wanted to tout their digital additive manufacturing (AM) technology to the dental technicians, dentists, dental suppliers and dentistry students visiting their booth. So they built a scale model of Brussels’s landmark Atomium structure using their AM technology. Using Survey Anyplace-equipped iPads, DentWise staff encouraged contestants to guess the weight of the Atomium model. They filled in their contact information themselves, quickly swiping from screen to screen, ending the short lead generation process by putting in their guess. The prize was dinner for two 92 meters up in the real Atomium.


“We wanted to create some stir at this important event, ” says Stijn Hanssen, Business Unit Manager at DentWise. “Collecting contest entries with the Survey Anyplace questionnaire was a great solution that did exactly that.” The engaging nature of answering contest questions on the iPad questionnaire really helped boost our lead generation efforts.”

How mobile lead generation can actually make your company look good

Hanssen says using the mobile survey had a big impact. "Instead of the typical reluctance with regards to paper surveys, we received positive feedback about our appealing iPad questionnaire. It is self-explanatory to the extent that most contest participants filled in the information themselves."

"Using Survey Anyplace allowed us to collect more information from many more visitors than we could have without it. Using it gave a professional impression and created a positive vibe, attracting even more visitors to our booth. And because it’s mobile, our staff were able to leave the booth to encourage attendees elsewhere at the venue to enter the contest. Survey Anyplace lowers the natural resistance people have to give their contact information. The process is simple, intuitive and engaging. For DentWise, it allowed us to spend more time interacting and less time worrying about collecting leads." he adds.


A powerful tool that’s as easy to create as it is to use

DentWise created their mobile lead generation questionnaire quite easily on the Survey Anyplace website. “We just uploaded the DentWise logo file, and it was automatically integrated into the Survey Anyplace template for the branded look we needed, ” explains Hanssen. “We entered questions and chose between free text or multiple choice answer types. Getting the iPads up and running only required internet access and tapping a hyperlink to start taking mobile surveys. We used a WiFi router with prepaid 3G internet access, which only cost 10 euro for data communication for the entire 3-day event. We also rented three iPads which kept the contest costs very affordable. And because each person’s entry was instantly uploaded to the Survey Anyplace website, we could export all of the collected information to an Excel list at any time."

“With Survey Anyplace, we collected valuable contact information from many more visitors than we could have without their mobile tool. Instead of the typical reluctance with regards to paper surveys, we received positive feedback about our appealing iPad questionnaire.”

Stijn HanssenBusiness Unit Manager, DentWise

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