Mobile surveys on iPads let Miele’s sales force ask resellers face to face for competitive, pricing and distribution information.

Key facts

  • More valuable, up-to-date information
  • Better sales force interaction with customers
  • Drastically reduced surveying costs
  • Drastically improved survey response rates
  • Least intrusive customer interaction
  • Positive, modern reflection on your company


Real-time customer data collection gives Miele an edge

Mobile surveys give Miele valuable data about the many factors affecting the supply, distribution and profitable sales of the vacuum cleaner bags Miele depends on for revenue. Mobile surveys are the modern data collection tools Miele chooses to collect the real-time competitive information on which they create Sales & Marketing plans.

Paper cut: paper can’t compete with collecting data via mobile devices

Miele historically used paper surveys for data collection, but paper surveys aren’t as user friendly, are time-consuming and are costly to create and to revise. They also require someone to manually input completed survey data into a centralized system.

“With mobile surveys from Survey Anyplace, customer data collection is just a matter of the sales person asking for one more minute after a sales meeting, ” says Cees Manneke, Miele’s E-Commerce Manager. “They hand the iPad to their customer who answers a few questions, hits ‘finish, ’ and their answers are submitted automatically. Nearly everyone we asked completed our survey…a far cry from the response rate we used to get with paper data collection, ” Manneke says. “In less than a month, we collected statistically significant customer and competitor intelligence that was fed into a centralized database.”

Selling the sales force on using mobile devices

“There was some selling that had to be done to convince the Miele sales force of the merits of this type of data collection.” When we showed them the types of sales and marketing initiatives we could create with this input, ” says Manneke, “and how these tools could increase sales, they, too were sold.”

Easy-to-build, easy-to-brand mobile surveys

“Building our survey on Survey Anyplace couldn’t have been easier, or faster, ” says Manneke. “Their templates are beautiful and intuitive. And the site guides you through things like choosing question types, whether or not to require an answer before the respondent can advance to the next question and other facets of good survey design. And we love that we could totally brand the survey with Miele branding.”

The NO-NOs of mobile surveying.

No design costs, no proofing or printing, no addressing, no postage. And more importantly, mobile data collection minimizes the impact that unresponsive customers have on Miele’s collection of data. “We used to spend a lot of resources getting paper customer surveys out, ” Cees adds, “only to suffer from dismal response rates and an unacceptable lag time for those who did return them.” Asking the sales force to use paper surveys feels very outdated. Manneke adds. “Handing a customer a quick tablet-based survey acknowledges our customers’ valuable time and the modern, efficient technology reflects positively on Miele.” he concludes.

Use mobile surveys to clean up your customer data collection

Harness the real-time, actionable information you can only collect using today’s ever-present mobile devices. Because almost everyone carries one, you can survey customers in other ways besides handing them a tablet. Each Survey Anyplace survey you design automatically generates its own URL and QR code that link directly to your customer data collection survey. Print them on literature, labels, packaging, store or event signage…or send to an email list. By not requiring respondents to install an app, Survey Anyplace makes in-the-moment data collection from customers interacting with your brand easy. See for yourself how simple Survey Anyplace makes it.

“Getting the information we needed was just a matter of the sales person asking for one more minute after a sales meeting. They hand the iPad to their customer to answer a few questions, hit ‘finish,’ and their answers are submitted automatically.”

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