Interactive mobile quizzes throughout their annual sales meeting pitted sales districts against each other in a friendly competition. Real-time quiz results assured management that the information was being taught and retained effectively.

Key facts

  • Respondents take quiz on their own mobile device
  • Easy, intuitive quiz and survey design
  • Results transmitted in real-time
  • 100% branded look
  • Each quiz generates its own short link
  • 200 participants – 0 apps installed


Adding a fun, creative twist to a company event

Creating a successful, effective company event is as much art as it is science. Even if everything technological and logistical falls into place, the event can still leave attendees flat without that certain, inspired something extra.

Stone Arch Creative, a 28-year-old agency in Minneapolis recognized that fact many years ago. They created a special Meetings Division to ensure their clients’ events would be as effective and memorable as the other services Stone Arch provides them.

Stone Arch pressed the Survey Anyplace platform into service to add a creative dimension to a client’s 3-day national sales event. Their mandate was to create an interactive, fun way to generate some friendly competition among the company’s five sales regions. The solution? A series of quizzes that each of the 200 attendees would take at the end of every breakout session. The company would reward the highest-ranking region, as well as one individual winner.

Custom, branded mobile quizzes

“The learning our client’s sales force undergoes during a 3-day company event is incredibly important, ” says Chad Olinger, Executive Producer at Stone Arch Meetings. “Making sure attendees are retaining this learning is even more important for the company, ” he adds, “so creating a competition using quizzes that measure information retention during the event was a total win-win.”

Olinger and his team got each presenter to supply them with seven multiple-choice questions related to the content they’d be covering during their session at the event. “Each quiz you create on the Survey Anyplace website generates a unique URL that links right to the quiz, ” Olinger notes. “At the beginning of each day, we sent to every attendees’ mobile device a single email that contained that day’s links. At the end of a breakout session, attendees took the appropriate quiz using the link in the email.”

Using mobile quizzes for real-time data collection during the event

After each session, the Stone Arch team logged onto the Survey Anyplace website to view the automatically updated results for each person being quizzed. They then sorted the scores by region to populate up-to-the-minute standings that they displayed on monitors around the event venue.

“The Survey Anyplace platform is so flexible and easy to use, ” comments Olinger. “The quizzes were very easy to customize and the system worked perfectly, ” he adds. “We really liked that event attendees didn’t have to download an app, since accessing Survey Anyplace quizzes was done using the links we emailed them each morning. So we weren’t surprised that this ease of use led to a 95% participation rate at this very successful company event, ” he concludes.

“Each quiz you create on the Survey Anyplace application generates a unique URL that links right to the quiz. At the beginning of each day we send a personal mail to every attendees’ mobile with that day’s links. At the end of a session, attendees took the appropriate quiz using the link in their email.”

Chad OlingerExecutive Producer, Stone Arch Meetings

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