Immigrants in the USA use a mobile quiz to verify whether they qualify to be legalized.

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Engaging a diverse market via mobile devices

Immigrant families in the U.S. vary widely. Some have no jobs or permanent address, while others are highly successful members of their communities. But many are undocumented; some reside illegally. And American immigration laws, and proposed legislation and proposed legal reform are complex, contentious and ever-changing.

iAmerica provides a variety of services to immigrants in the U.S. One invaluable service is helping them determine whether or not they are eligible for particular assistance or residency programs. Of particular importance to undocumented parents is the Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA) that grants work authorization if they meet certain qualifications.

“We knew for certain that the population of immigrants we wanted to reach would be easiest to reach via mobile phones, ” says Beatriz Lopez, Communications Director of iAmerica. “Their cultures are such that, even when a home doesn’t have a TV, or there is no automobile through which to reach them via radio, these families figure out a way to own a mobile device. That was the channel we identified as being the most viable way to reach our audience, ” she adds.

Finding a mobile quiz with built-in logic wasn’t easy

After conceiving of using a mobile quiz as a way to help these families determine if they might be eligible for DAPA, iAmerica set out searching for a company to work with in customizing one for their unique needs. “I spent a lot of time on many websites that provide mobile quizzes, and I talked to a lot of the vendors behind those quizzes, ” Lopez interjects. “But none were at all interested in working with us to customize their off-the-shelf quizzes to meet our needs, ” she adds.

Then a web search led Lopez to the Survey Anyplace site, which promised not only easy-to-build quizzes, but also vital skip-logic functions, and a willingness of the founders to work with the non-profit to customize the tool. “After putting Survey Anyplace’s quizzes through some internal paces, I called and found Mark and everyone there very willing to assess our needs and work with us to create a specific solution, ” Lopez says. “They were also very patient, waiting for us to get everything in place, waiting for the inevitable legal changes–and then turning around their customizations in just a few days, ” she concludes.

A mobile quiz that offers responses based on the user’s answer.

“Our skip logic functionality allows anyone using our platform to serve up a response or follow-up question based on how the quiz taker answered the previous question, ” says Survey Anyplace Co-Founder Mark Penson. Three outcomes were generated by the logic programmed into the iAmerica quiz.

“Obviously, not everyone who takes our quiz will qualify for DAPA, ” Lopez continues. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t point them to the legal services their quiz results indicate they might need. The skip logic allows us to still be of assistance … even though someone might not be eligible for this specific program, ” she adds.

Survey Anyplace also created a feature that made it easy to encourage respondents to share the quiz. At the end of the quiz, those respondents who were informed that they were eligible for DAPA were provided a link they could click to instantly share their good news, and the quiz, on Facebook.

24, 000 responses in just 2 months

iAmerica’s phenomenal response rate can be attributed to their mobile quiz being not only timely, convenient and easy-to-take, but also because it was initially offered in two languages: English and Spanish. The group is working with Survey Anyplace to release a second version that will also be available in Korean, Creole and other languages.

“We really couldn’t be happier with everything that has happened since we found the Survey Anyplace team, ” Lopez says. “If you’re looking for customization, and for people to work with you as partners, then Survey Anyplace is the place to go, to be honest. They’re professional, polite and very flexible, ” she concludes.

“We really couldn’t be happier with everything that has happened since we found the Survey Anyplace team. If you’re looking for customization, and for people to work with you as partners, then Survey Anyplace is the place to go, to be honest.”

Beatriz LopezCommunications Director at iAmerica

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