Progress Bar

Display how many questions a respondent has to answer to complete the survey and what their progress is while taking the survey. (Also called: Process bar or timeline)

Email Notifications

Receive a notification in your mailbox each time a survey was completed. (Also called: Automatic email)


Add a share-button for multiple social media to the final screen of your survey, allowing respondents to share your survey via their personal networks: Twitter, Facebook, Email, …

Facebook Settings

Add a button for your survey to be liked/shared via Facebook through your respondents. Or add a general “Share”-button with a URL of your choice that’ll be shared via a respondent’s profile. (Also called: Facebook Like button or Facebook share)

URL Shortener

Generate a shorter survey link that is easier to share, tweet or email to respondents. (Also called: Short link)

QR Code

Generate a unique QR code that respondents can scan with their mobile device to access a survey or quiz. (Also called: Scan code or mobile code)

Single Password

Secure your survey with a password. Respondents need this pre-defined code to access the survey. The code is unique for the survey and the same for all respondents. (Also called: Password protection, activation code or login page)


Automatically collect location data from your respondents. Permission from the respondent via popup in the browser is needed for this feature. (Also called: GPS function or location tracking)

Edit Labels & Messages

Adapt every label and message to your needs. This includes buttons, warning messages, … (Also called: custom labels & messages)

Offline Mode

Switch your survey or quiz to “Offline Mode” to collect data when there’s no internet connection available. The responses are stored on your device and automatically synced when an internet connection is made. (Also called: Offline results)