Campaign Scheduler

Set up when and which questionnaires should be active or inactive at specific times in your Campaign.

File Upload as a response

File Upload is the perfect way to get the extra documents you require from your respondent: a work history, an agenda, the yearly numbers,…

Active/Inactive Questions Switch

Reusing your survey or quiz for multiple audiences? But one or more questions aren’t relevant for your current respondents? Easily switch questions from active to inactive and vice versa.

Campaign CSV download

Download all collected results from a certain campaign in a single CSV file, even if there are multiple surveys and quizzes present in that campaign. (Also called: Download Responses, Download all Data)

Campaign Survey Scheduler

Launch a campaign at any given time and preset the timings for new surveys or quizzes to become available within that campaign. (Also called: Survey Scheduler, Survey Timer)

Progress Bar with Bullets

Display how many questions a respondent has to answer to complete the survey and what their progress is while taking the survey with bullets at the top of he screen. (Also called: Process bar or timeline)

Unlimited Emails

Send an unlimited amount of email invitations and confirmations to your respondents

Save and Continue

Automatically fill out the available responses when a respondent returns at a later time. (Also called: Auto save)