Unlimited Emails

Send an unlimited amount of email invitations and confirmations to your respondents

Save and Continue

Automatically fill out the available responses when a respondent returns at a later time. (Also called: Auto save)

Google Maps Widget

Add a Google Map to your reporting dashboard, it’ll show a marker per response. Choose what type of response the widget should show on the map: Street, Zip Code, City… Use of geolocation is not required. (Also called: Interactive map)

Progress Bar

Display how many questions a respondent has to answer to complete the survey and what their progress is while taking the survey. (Also called: Process bar or timeline)

Email Notifications

Receive a notification in your mailbox each time a survey was completed. (Also called: Automatic email)

Respondent Management

Upload your list of respondents and track their individual progress in your Campaign. (Also called: User management)

Single URL

Generate a single, unique URL for respondents to access their respondent portal. Via the portal, they can access multiple surveys and quizzes and see which ones they’ve already done. (Also called: Personal or unique link)

Respondent Portal

Create a branded welcome screen for your respondents. Give them controlled and scheduled access to all your surveys & quizzes and allow them to refresh their overview with a built-in refresh button. (Also called: Campaign menu)