Progress Bar

Display how many questions a respondent has to answer to complete the survey and what their progress is while taking the survey. (Also called: Process bar or timeline)

Email Notifications

Receive a notification in your mailbox each time a survey was completed. (Also called: Automatic email)


Add a share-button for multiple social media to the final screen of your survey, allowing respondents to share your survey via their personal networks: Twitter, Facebook, Email, …

Facebook Settings

Add a button for your survey to be liked/shared via Facebook through your respondents. Or add a general “Share”-button with a URL of your choice that’ll be shared via a respondent’s profile. (Also called: Facebook Like button or Facebook share)

Unique Responses

Avoid respondents taking your quiz or survey more than once by switching on “Unique Responses”. This feature works with a tasty cookie in the respondent’s browser. (Also called: No double responses or being unable to respond twice.)

URL Shortener

Generate a shorter survey link that is easier to share, tweet or email to respondents. (Also called: Short link)

QR Code

Generate a unique QR code that respondents can scan with their mobile device to access a survey or quiz. (Also called: Scan code or mobile code)

Single Password

Secure your survey with a password. Respondents need this pre-defined code to access the survey. The code is unique for the survey and the same for all respondents. (Also called: Password protection, activation code or login page)


Automatically collect location data from your respondents. Permission from the respondent via popup in the browser is needed for this feature. (Also called: GPS function or location tracking)

Edit Labels & Messages

Adapt every label and message to your needs. This includes buttons, warning messages, … (Also called: custom labels & messages)