Rounded Corners

Use Rounded corners for content box and buttons instead of the standard square edges. (Also called: Smooth or curved corners)

Hide Page Numbers

Hide the page numbers in the progress bar, the progress bar in itself will still be visible. (Also called: Optional page numbers)


Flawlessly embed your survey in web and native applications. (Also called: iFrame integration)

Responsive Design

The design is optimized based on screen size, guaranteeing the best user experience on all devices and browsers! (Also called: Compatible design)

Font Selection

Select from 50+ of serious and playful font types, colors and sizes.

Automagic Color Selection

Let the application automagically select the colors based on your logo. You can still change the colors if you don’t like them 😉 Seeing is believing! (Also called: Color adaptation)

Include Your Branding

For the love of your brand! Incorporate your logo, a background image and use up to 7 different color settings. (Also called: Custom branding)

Predesigned Templates

Discover pre-designed templates, ready to use. (Also called: Premade surveys or ready-to-use surveys)

Quiz Score as Percentage

Show the quiz score as a percentage instead of a number. The percentage is calculated based on the maximum score. (Also called: Outcome as percentage)