Customer Service Quiz

What makes a happy customer – and have you got it? Finding out the answers to these questions must be high on a customer service team’s list of priorities.

After all, if your customers’ trust and like your organization, its sales will be stronger, its reputation will be greater, and it will retain good staff members more easily. So, what do they think right now?

It could be painfully clear that your service isn’t great, but you might not be sure how to improve it. On the other hand, you may be streets ahead of your competitors when it comes to customer satisfaction, but you wonder how long that will last.

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Why Build a Customer Service Quiz?

While customer service tips are considered as best practices, customer service training is key for upgrading your support skills to deal with different types of customers and deliver higher satisfaction.

The customer service training aims to improve soft skills, like communication and emotional intelligence, but also technical skills, including typing speed and software knowledge.

Training programs come in different flavors – customer service training manuals, courses, tests, e-books or workshops. But a well-thought-out interactive quiz can give you a clear indication of the quality of your customer service.

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Customer Service Quiz Sample

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