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A customer survey template lets retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and even global brands quickly create ways to not only measure the satisfaction from visitors, users and buyers, but also to efficiently collect customer data. Like the templates below, each template should be made up of field-proven, professionally written questions that are ready to use as-is, or that can be edited or deleted if not needed. However you adapt our customer survey template, you’ll end up with a powerful tool that’s ready to use as soon as you’re finished.

You can use one of our customer survey templates to:

  • Collect insights from customers, guests or visitors in your hotel, restaurant or store
  • Solicit feedback when someone interacts with your brand – insights collected during a brand experience are much more valuable than those collected days later
  • Get to know how your customers think about your products, services and your company
  • Use information collected from your customers and prospects and agree on “next steps”

Mobile customer surveys will change the way you think about surveys:

  • Customers can respond to your survey via their own tablet or smartphone
  • Easily collect data on any device with an Internet connection
  • Assisted data collection – using tablet for in-person situations, or counter-mounted tablets
  • Collect structured personal and professional information, next steps and more
  • Responses to survey are transmitted instantly to password-protected online account
  • Real-time results are downloaded and can be uploaded to CRM or other system
  • Results can be reviewed immediately and can be acted upon in real time

Our Customer Survey template is a ready-to-use, built-for-mobile tool that you can use as is, or that you can easily customize in minutes. To edit, just:

  • Review templates from the carousel by clicking their URL
  • Remember or record the name of the one you want to use
  • Sign in to your free Survey Anyplace account, or set up a new account if necessary
  • Select “Create New Survey”
  • Click “Create Based on Template Survey”
  • Choose the template name from the review

Select “Save” to preserve your template and get ready to customize it.
Your survey is ready to use “as is” or can be adapted by editing or deleting questions or by adding photos or videos to each question.
Add your logo if you’d like and follow the rest of the prompts to finalize your survey – you’re ready to start gathering insights!

The unique link and/or QR code can be used by anyone you share them with to open the survey on any device.

If you have very specific needs, you can quickly and easily create an original customer survey template. Just click ‘Create a New Survey” after sign in. Simply fill in your survey name in the URL and Name fields, Save and create!

It’s easy to create a free Survey Anyplace account. When you do, you’ll see how easy we’ve made it to create a professional customer survey, and how powerful the feedback from that survey is when it’s collected in the moment people interact with your brand. Collected in a way only smartphones and tablets can.

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