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How a classroom test can make your course unforgettable

Making sure your courses are understood and put into practice is a big challenge. But it can be done! You can easily use Survey Anyplace as a test maker to create enjoyable and interactive quizzes, for both fun and educational use. These tests:

  • Increase interactivity and communication during the course
  • Identify the lack of knowledge on certain subjects
  • Provide feedback for the instructor

People are far more likely to acquire all necessary skills – and remember them! – in a gamified environment.

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Your course is worth remembering

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Benefits of using tests & quizzes in your courses

  • Students get immediate feedback after the test showing which answers were right and wrong.
  • It motivates every student to pay attention. Increase participation in class with real-time results, address certain answers or spend more time on topics that your students struggle with.
  • Students don’t feel ashamed when answering wrongly, no one knows what answers they chose. They can improve their score by retaking the quiz, enhancing retention of the course material.
  • You know which subjects need more thorough explaining and which subjects have the desired results.
  • You can track progression through our reporting. Here is an example of what it looks like.
  • Immediately save the scores. Save time by not having to correct homework. Instead, you can help other students out, prepare courses or, well, relax 😉



Tests incorporated in the classroom will enhance the learning experience of your students. This study reported that after 20 minutes students who simply studied the material had already forgotten 40%.

Can you imagine the results after two weeks, a month, a year?
That’s right, more than 90% is lost.

By implementing tests into the learning process, you can slow this regression down, tremendously.

Here’s how it works:
To realize you are not fully remembering a concept, your brain has to make the mistake first hand.
By taking a quiz, you can actually see where your errors lie. Your brain then recognizes the mistake and updates the information.

Enhancing your tests with online test maker software

Survey Anyplace has numerous features to make your tests more fun, interactive and educational:

  • Use images to keep things interesting and relevant, it also makes the quiz feel more like a fun game.
  • Use a visual clock/timer to indicate the time students have left to fill out the test.
  • Orderly results pages make for easy processing of the results.
  • Offline tests make access to wifi not necessary.
  • A progress bar gives students an indication of how long the test will take them.
  • Apply score weighting to add importance to certain questions. These are worth more (“heavier weight”) and have a higher impact on the final total score.
  • Give feedback afterwards by showing which answers were wrong and right.
  • Redirection to (extra) course material or chapters they should review based on their scores. Lead students to parts on which they didn’t score well, making for easy reviewing.
  • Add fun through the use of a scratch card, a slot machine or other fun widgets.

Napoleon Test Online

To ease the process of making tests, we also made a nifty tool, the One-Click Quiz Maker. It’s a free online test maker with which you can create a quiz/test about any well-known person or company in 5 seconds flat. To adjust the questions, be sure to ‘claim’ your quiz at the end.

Best practices of educational tests

To help you on your way here are some easy tips for good tests:

  • Be clear, make sure the students understand your questions. Use the same terminology as used during the course.
  • Provide feedback, this can be as simple as showing which answers were right and wrong. Let students know where they can do better.
  • Redirect students to useful course material based upon their score. This way they can study the parts they didn’t grasp that well.
  • Mix it up. Creating different kind of questions (multiple choice, true false, essay, …) keeps things interesting.
  • Multiple choice questions work best for easier processing of the results instead of open ended text questions. Try to keep MC the majority of your questions.
  • Limit the length of your test. Take the test yourself before you hand it out to students. If it feels tiring, dull or your attention drifts away it is best to remove a few questions.
  • Make it fun! This ensures students will enjoy taking future tests as well.

Follow the courses' structure with Campaigns


Campaigns Survey Anyplace

Create a test for each of the chapters, dividing the course material in clear and structured bits, allowing for more in-depth questioning. If a student missed a lecture, or they’d like to retry to take a quiz they can easily access their personal portal to take all available quizzes.

Inspiring Sample Uses of Educational Quizzes

Professional Quiz

Create quizzes to test how employees remembered a training. An effective formula applied by clients such as DKV health insurance and energy supplier Eneco.
Try an example. 

Event data collection quiz

Use quiz questions in data collection surveys to add a fun incentive and increase response rates.
Try this example.

iAmerica Assessment

Create complete assessments to categorize respondents based on their score or responses.
Discover this case.



Your course is worth remembering

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