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An employment test helps you to determine the suitability of a job applicant. The idea behind these tests is that if high-scoring applicants make ideal candidates for the job. The most significant benefits of implementing an effective employee test include:

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The importance of employment testing

Throughout any hiring process, employers want to gather as much relevant information on their candidates as possible. The problem is that traditional methods of getting to know candidates — resumes and interviews — often don’t yield the best insight. Research indicates that up to 78% of resumes contain misleading statements, while 46% contain actual lies. Similarly, interviews — especially unstructured ones — are subjective and ultimately serve as poor predictors of job performance.

Why use Survey Anyplace to organize an
employment test?

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Get Immediate Feedback

Find out straight away whether or not the candidate is suitable and provide them with useful feedback regarding needed training and development.

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Uniform Basis

Employment tests provide a uniform basis for comparing the performance of applicants. The same tests are given to the candidates and their score will enable selectors to see their performance.

Guarantee Objectivity

Employment tests are less likely to differ in results by gender and race than traditional interviews.

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Selection of Better Persons

The aptitude and adjustability of candidates are determined with the help of tests. This enables their placement on the most suitable jobs. It will also improve their job satisfaction and efficiency.

6 Types of Employment Tests

Employment Test Template

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