Event evaluation template

After an event has finished – whether it was a huge success or a little bit disappointing – it’s often tempting to just ‘get on with it’ and look ahead to your next event, without giving the proper time and attention to evaluating the event just gone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Use an event evaluation to:

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4 Proven Event Evaluation Tips

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event evaluation?

quiz incentives
Incentivizing Widgets

Hand out incentives with interactive widgets such as a digital scratch card or slot machine

offline quizzes
Offline Capabilities

Events often don’t offer the best wifi connection. Why take a chance, when you could have your event evaluation work offline entirely? Learn how offline mode works.

email and integrations
Automate Email Alerts

Get notified when people complete your event evaluation or send your event attendees personalized follow-up emails based on their answers

Intelligent Integrations

Connect all your apps! Automatically transfer collected data to over 750 apps via our Zapier integration

Event Evaluation Template

To use this Event Evaluation survey, sign up for Survey Anyplace , and choose ‘Event Evaluation’ as template when creating a new survey.

4 Proven Event Evaluation Tips

We’ve talked about how and what to ask in your event evaluation, the final part is who to ask it to.

Most events have three key groups: your guests, your VIPs, and your vendors/partners. It’s important to evaluate them before you let them evaluate you.

Be sure to ask yourself:

Typically, the most useful feedback comes from your VIPs and your vendors. These keys groups are small enough for you to manage the feedback, are educated in events well enough to recognize the good and “needs improvement” elements, and often respond to feedback requests.

Collect actionable intelligence on your events with our Event Evaluation Template.