Exit Interview Template

Exit interviews are a chance for your organization to grow and improve. It is an opportunity to learn about under which conditions and reasons your employee chooses to leave the company under. Use this template to ensure:

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The Importance of conducting an exit interview

Do you wish you knew why employees are choosing to leave your company or organization? Exit interviews are just the thing for that! They are good ways to discover what your organization was doing good and what it could improve at. When exit interviews are done correctly, they can help ending the employment on good terms for both parties.

A complimentary face-to-face or telephone approach after a written survey is also possible, it enables a deeper conversation and the possibility to ask more probing questions if not everything was clear in the survey. Also the employees will appreciate the gesture.


Why use Survey Anyplace
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Process Feedback Instantly

Another advantage of exit interviews conducted with Survey Anyplace is the ability to process feedback immediately.

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Automatically transfer or update your data to your CRM or any other HR tool you’re using via our Zapier integration.

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Custom colors, icons, and formats make sure your exit interview matches your brand identity. For more advanced branding option, check our white label solution.

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Conditional Branching

Advanced conditional branching lets your respondent take the quickest route through the exit interview by only showing questions that apply to him.

Exit Interview Sample

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Incident Report Format

As can be seen in the above sample, the exit interview should at least contain the following elements:

It is important that the exit interview answers can be collected efficiently and that they automatically transferred to a central database where supervisors and/or HR personnel can review the data. It can also be beneficial to both parties to do a follow up call with the respondent (leaving employee) to go into deeper detail on some questions.

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