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An online form with special features equals maximum engagement

We’re all pressed for time these days. So you have to make sure completing your online form is worthwhile and fun for every respondent. And, obviously, you yourself don’t want to lose precious hours trying to come up with an entertaining format for an form that gets high response rates either. Enter the Survey Anyplace form builder. Creating an online form complete with bells and whistles (images! videos! animations!) takes only a few clicks, and spreading the word and analyzing the results is just as easy. 

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Bye-bye, boring: make your online form stand out!

These days, personalization is key to keeping respondents entertained. We’re not only talking about those nice little extras for your online form that you crave – read: your logo, company colors and other customized brand elements – but also about those cool features that are right up your respondents’ alley:

  • Multimedia attributes like images, audio and video
  • Interactive templates (e-scratch cards or gamification, you name it!)
  • Skip logic based on respondents’ previous questions, so they aren’t bothered by irrelevant questions
  • Personalized end messages

Whether you want to use your online form for data collection, as market research questionnaires, job satisfaction surveys or brand awareness surveys, Survey Anyplace allows you to take each individual respondent’s experience into account and guarantees more and better feedback. Because form are a two-way process.

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