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The entire Survey Anyplace team wishes you a happy and prosperous 2013. We have a number of things to share, including our new website and some interesting statistics on how mobile is changing the way organizations can engage with their audiences.

Why Mobile Surveys?

Take the opportunity to engage with your customers and communities in a more natural and immediate way. Today, people on-the-go expect instant and effortless communication. With Survey Anyplace you can easily get in-the-moment feedback, tune your strategy and grow your business.

In fact, your customers are eager to communicate with you right now. Today there are roughly 3 billion unique mobile users worldwide – many with more than one device. Research shows that 66% of consumers are willing to provide feedback on new products. And 55% are even willing to provide content to a brand or supplier community.

We minimize the effort it takes for customers to respond and make it easy and fun for them to give feedback. Survey Anyplace kicks off the conversation about your products and services, and keeps it going so you can quickly extract the relevant content from the conversation. Subsequently you can use this content to grow your business, for example by using positive feedback from customers to attract new customers.


Introducing Our New Website

Here it is – our new website. It has a new look, is more intuitive and addresses different user communities in more depth. Survey Anyplace is useful in many ways with a variety of benefits. For example you can:

In the coming year we plan to show you how mobile surveys can really work for you with more information and with real world examples – for training, sales, marketing, and research.

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