Job Application Template

Every company needs a workforce. If you are reading this you’re likely looking to increase yours, we made this template to do just that! You can adjust all the variables, tags, text, logos and pictures to suit your company profile! This template will help you:

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The Importance of a good Job Application Process

Employees often have the potential to make or break your business e.g. one employee who always yells and shouts at customers can result in a bundle of bad reviews and put a serious dent in your reputation. Hence, a good screening process needs to be in place.

When asking for personal information, depending on your business, you might want to be interested in their history with the law. Have they been convicted of any crimes or pleaded ‘no contest’ to a felony? If you’re hiring bank clerks you’d want to know if you’re hiring an ex-bank robber…

Do they possess the proper documents to be employed in your country? Hiring illegals can result in serious penalties if tax services find out. Whether you knew it or not, it is your responsibility to know this information.

Why use Survey Anyplace as Job Application

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Get Immediate Feedback

Find out straight away whether or not the candidate is suitable and provide them with useful feedback regarding needed training and development

Guarantee Objectivity

Job application forms provide a uniform basis for comparing the performance of applicants. The same tests are given to the candidates and their score will enable selectors to see their performance.

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Delightful Design Features

Our endless design features and capabilities are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Automagic Color Selection, responsive design and many more features are bound to set you up with a beautiful job application form in no time!

Job Application Sample

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Job Application Format

As can be seen in the above sample, the Job Application should at least include the following information:

It is important that the applicant information can be communicated efficiently with the human resources department within the organisation: our tool offers the option to intelligently integrate your Job Application Form with Zapier, an app which automates traffic between platforms and apps. This, without a doubt, will increase recruitment efficiency and communication.

Collecting job applications through paper forms, pdf or word documents is also possible but has the disadvantage that the data still needs to be transferred to a central system as a separate action, which makes it error-prone and inefficient.

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