A Traditional Sales Survey Can’t Collect the Information a Mobile Survey Can 

When combined with an incentive, respondents will be more engaged resulting in higher response rates and better quality data collection.Try our sample Data Collection Survey via following link: su.vc/e10

One tool, multiple feedback formats

When KBC approached us with their need to collect real-time feedback from participants at their 3-day conference for top managers, they were already aware of our prowess in our made-for-mobile survey/quiz platform. But they wanted more. Link example they know we had been working on the next generation of our mobile survey and quiz platform for months before they reached out to us. It turns out that we’d anticipated what a forward-thinking company might want out of a mobile-based information-collection tool.

KBC’s Sofie Blockx, Corporate Change and Culture Manager, wanted the ability—within one mobile-based solution—to engage a professor’s classroom audience at the conference, while being able to conduct a fun quiz throughout the conference, ask for attendees’ moods at any given time, and, for good measure, get their feedback about the content and format of the event. In her own words, Sofie recalls, “I thought that something should exist that would allow us to interact with attendees in these various formats, but we hadn’t seen anyone coming right out and saying that we could do that with their platform.” Until they talked to us, that is.

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