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Use quizzes to lower your cost per lead by 90%

People like quizzes. They’re much more likely to try a quiz than click on a regular banner ad. These questionnaires will let you:

  • Discover your audience’s needs and preferences
  • Direct your visitors to the product/service and increase sales
  • Collect more and highly valuable leads
  • Lower your cost per lead to less than $1

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Use Lead Quizzes to:

  • Attract new and high converting leads, even outside your own current audiences
  • Lower your cost per lead, up to 90%
  • Increase engagement with your audience in a highly interactive and playful way
  • Reach your audience through different channels, embed your quiz in social media, website or app
  • Qualify your different audiences and gain insights in their preferences
  • Promote relevant products or services, based on people’s quiz results
  • Integrate your email collection data with all of your most used marketing platforms

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Why Quizzes for Email Collection Actually Work:

1. They deliver a highly-personalized experience: Working with features like Custom Scoring and Skip logic make for a great segmentation in how the quiz can be taken. Each respondent gets the feeling of a “personalized quiz”, with results and product offerings that perfectly suit their needs.

2. It stimulates human curiosity, the fact that your audience learns something (about themselves) is a great little psychological reward.

3. Lead quizzes have an incredible low threshold for participating: the added fun-factor and the short, more digestible blocks of content make anyone feel at ease.

Lower Your Cost Per Lead Drastically

As traditional advertising channels get more and more saturated (think Google AdWords, …), the cost per lead keeps growing each year. The average cost per lead can range from around $5 up to 100$ or even higher depending on the industry. (More info on industry benchmarks via Hubspot)

By working with quizzes to collect emails, you’ll quickly notice your can drop that cost per lead by up to 90%! Quizzes in combination with Facebook Advertising for example, will allow you to connect with new audiences. And as your quizzes stimulate engagement to your Facebook ads, your costs per lead will automatically drop to even less than $1!

The Perfect Lead Quiz should have:

  • A welcome screen that clearly conveys the topic. Describe why it’s important and generate interest by explaining what a respondent can gain
  • The personality of your brand in design, tone of voice and general “playfulness”. Try to engage with your audience the way your brand would if it was an actual person.
  • Short and easy quiz questions: by limiting the number of questions and how difficult the questions in themselves are, you’ll put your respondent at ease, raise your chances of completion and get more valuable data
  • A sweet little form: Ask the only basic contact info you need from your lead to start your sales funnel. By asking this right before showing a respondent their results, you’ll raise chances of getting that email.
  • An outcome: a personalized end page where your respondent finds his results and a customized offer suited for those results
  • Go here for more tips and a webinar on how to create the perfect lead quizzes

Collect More Leads With Quizzes

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