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The leadership quiz helps identify respondents’ leadership styles. Once they know their style, they can learn more about it, its effectiveness and how to better it.

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What is a Leadership Quiz?

What is your leadership style? This is an important question for those aiming to climb the ladder at their jobs. Once you move up, you are no longer only responsible for your work; you need to make sure your whole team achieves success. How do you get them motivated, focused and hitting the targets laid out for all of you?

There are eight common leadership styles:

These leadership styles vary by degrees of effectiveness, but it’s important to understand where you currently stand so you can improve. A sign of a good leader is that he or she is always looking for ways to better themselves and their teams!

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Personalized Reports with ReportR

Knowing your leadership style is one thing, but truly understanding it is something else. Use ReportR to share a comprehensive PDF report with the respondent with analysis and insights.

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White Label Option

We believe personalization is important. Make the leadership quiz your own with Survey Anyplace’s White Label option, which removes our branding and allows you to add your logo, your branding and create your own quiz URL

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Delightful Design & Assessment Components

Use Survey Anyplace’s design features and quirky quiz capabilities to keep your audience engaged to the end of your questionnaire.

Use Intelligent Integrations

With Survey Anyplace, you can use Zapier to connect all your apps and share personalized outcomes on social media.

Leadership Quiz Template

Leadership Quiz

Tips to create a great Leadership Quiz

  1. Switch up your quiz questions with multiple choice, scales and open-ended questions. You want to make sure respondents stay interested through the end of it!
  2. Don’t overcomplicate things – effective leaders don’t do that! Keep your questions short and to-the-point.
  3. An effective leader knows there’s always more you can do to secure success. Promote your quiz everywhere you can – your website, social media, newsletters and emails.

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