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The learning style quiz helps respondents better understand how they retain new information. It provides insight into their brain’s way of soaking in lessons and new skills.

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What is a Learning Style Quiz?

Have you ever wondered why you are having trouble retaining information while others have no issues at all? Everyone learns in their own way. Someone with a visual learning style will not fully understand only verbal lessons. Identifying your learning style will help you better understand new information. It will also help you communicate the way(s) you learn to those teaching you. On the flip side, as a manager, having your team take learning style quizzes will help you find better ways to communicate with them and teach them new skills. 

There are seven different learning styles:

One important note about learning styles – they are not one and done. Students can have multiple learning styles and even evolve into another style. What’s important is understanding which styles work best for you so that you can be a successful student moving forward.

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Learning Style Quiz Template

Learning Style Quiz

Tips to create a great Learning Style Quiz

  1. Remember, not all your students are verbal learners, so keep your questions short and to the point.
  2. Keep your participants engaged by varying the question format with multiple choice, scales and open-ended questions.
  3. Some of your respondents learn best with visuals, so include images, GIFs and/or videos in your quiz. 

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