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The more you learn, the more you earn. A great way to test your general management knowledge or that of others is by doing a quiz. We’ve put together a quiz template with 10 questions to put your knowledge to the test. Use this template to:

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The Importance of Management Quizzes

The importance of management quizzes comes down to the importance of management itself. The point of a management quiz is a fun and educative way to test your performance and see in which areas you can still improve. The end goal is to make you a better manager and more successful in your career.

At the root of every succes is the hard work of a great manager. That manager needs to be an expert at planning, leading, organizing and controlling workflows and employees. This test is designed to determine if you exhibit the qualities of a great manager!

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Management Quiz Sample

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Management Quiz Format

As can be seen in the above sample, a decent management quiz is advised to include the following elements:

For any type of quiz, it is a great advantage to be digital and filled out through tablet or smartphone. This allows the quiz to be shared through Email, Social Media or other online platforms. Our tool happens to do just that, with our mobile-optimized software, we are set on giving your respondents the best experience we can.

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