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Marketing is a natural and necessary part of every business. A great way to test your marketing knowledge or others’ knowledge is by doing a quiz. We’ve put together a quiz template with 10 questions to put your knowledge to the test. Use this template to:

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The Importance of Marketing Quizzes

The importance of marketing quizzes comes down to the importance of marketing itself. The point of a marketing quiz is to test your knowledge and teach you more about marketing which in turn makes you a better marketer or entrepreneur.

At the heart of your business success lies a successful marketing strategy. That strategy includes but is not limited to public relations, promotions, brand awareness, sales and much more. You may produce the greatest products in the world, but if you don’t market it right, no one will know and you won’t sell a thing. This quiz will help you get you the knowledge on how to get your products out there!

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Automatically Follow-up

Create automated follow-up emails with extra info, coupons or a personalized offer.

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Build, sculpt and craft your quizzes to take on every kind of situation. Awesome features like Offline Mode, Multiple Languages or Save and Continue will make your quiz creation feel like a dream.

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Quick ‘n easy quiz completion on tablets and smartphones, thanks to mobile-optimized templates

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Qualify your leads on the go

Engage and qualify your leads at the same time.

Marketing Quiz Sample

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Marketing Quiz Format

As can be seen in the above sample, a decent marketing quiz is advised to include the following elements:

For any type of quiz, it is a great advantage to be digital and filled out through tablet or smartphone. This allows the quiz to be shared through Email, Social Media or other online platforms. Our tool happens to do just that, with our mobile-optimized software, we are set on giving your respondents the best experience we can.

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